Get your Elvis on with the latest Hamilton Ventura range

Inspired by the legendary hit 'Blue Suede Shoes', this range has a dial to die for

The Hamilton Ventura Blue Suede Shoes on a blue background
(Image credit: Hamilton)

When you're building up a collection of the best watches, having something quirky is a great addition. Sure, you can lineup a row of similar looking pieces with slight variations, but that can get boring.

If there is any word you'd use to describe the Hamilton Ventura, it's not boring. The triangular case has attained something of a cult status among watch enthusiasts. It's not hard to see why either.

Because really, what have you ever seen which looks like this? Even square-cased models like the TAG Heuer Monaco and the Marloe Astro Eagle looks dull in comparison.

The model was a particular favourite of one Elvis Presley back in the day. Many historic images can be found with the King of Rock 'n' Roll sporting the triangular timepiece – and now his iconic hit, Blue Suede Shoes has been immortalised in a new range of six watches.

The range isn't just taking the name from the Elvis hit, though. You'll find a stunning gradient blue dial on each model, with sunray brushing making for a dial which plays with the light beautifully.

There are two distinct models on offer here. The first is a standard three-hand watch, coming in a stainless steel case with optional PVD coating in a yellow gold hue. That's available on a matching blue Alcantara leather strap, or on a recreation of the flex bracelet.

You'll find 50m of water resistance on offer here, with a 9.2mm thickness measurement ensuring a slim fit on the wrist. That's all powered by a quartz movement.

The Hamilton Ventura Blue Suede Shoes Chronograph on a white background

(Image credit: Hamilton)

The more unexpected release here is a chronograph variant. That adds three subdials to that triangle dial, while retaining the sumptuous blue hue.

You won't find the yellow gold PVD on this one – it only comes on steel – but the flex bracelet and Alcantara leather strap options are both present and correct. That one also uses a quartz movement, though it is a shade thicker at 10.8mm. Still, it's no monster, and should wear fantastically well.

As you'd probably expect, that chronograph model is the most costly, coming in at £990. That's still a decent price for a very unique chronograph from a brand with rich heritage.

The three-hand models come in at £870 and £895, depending on whether you opt for the steel or the PVD gold model. That's a strong offering, and arguably the nicest modern interpretation of the Ventura silhouette.

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