Get $100 off Sony's 1TB PS4 Pro at Walmart for Cyber Monday

Who says the best console around has to be expensive?

Walmart PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Cyber Monday deals
(Image credit: Sony)

Cyber Monday is here and with it come some of the best prices for consumer electronics that you can reasonably expect to see this year. Everything is up for the chop this time around, making it the perfect day to snap up some new tech.

T3 has spent the past week preparing for the onslaught of deals across a huge number of areas, meaning we are the one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need or want, emphasis on want. We've got it all: consumer electronics, kitchenware, fitness accessories, toys, fashion...

One of the hot deals that we saw today is from Walmart, which has reduced Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro for Cyber Monday by $100, making it just $299. 


Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB, Black) | Was $399.95 | Sale price $299 | Available now at Walmart
The top-end PlayStation has more than enough power for most in a compact and pretty sleek form, making it the ideal gaming companion. Plus, now is a good time to pick up cheap games.

Sony has taken the console lead with the PlayStation 4, surpassing Xbox for the hearts and minds of gamers, and the PS4 Pro is a great example of why: taking the original formula, which was pretty perfect, and making it better. With the PS4 Pro, you get 4K gaming that looks, sounds, and feels amazing. 

If you're big into gaming then now is the perfect time to pull the trigger on getting one of these beasts, which can chomp through whatever you throw at it, thanks to its AMD fearsome processor and graphics. 

For $299, this really is a steal that will make your evenings and weekends that bit more fun.

Max Slater-Robins

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