The best PlayStation VR deals Black Friday 2018: T3's top PS VR deal picks

The best PlayStation VR deals, as well as the PS4 Camera deals and PS Move controller deals, are right here

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Welcome to T3's awesome best PlayStation VR deals roundup for Black Friday 2018

If you're currently looking to pick up Sony's capable and affordable entry into the world of VR then you've come to the right place. This is destination for the best PS VR deals.

That's because each month we search retailers all over the world looking for the best PlayStation VR deals to ensure that you get the best prices on the market.

And, considering the Black Friday deals bonanza is bigger than ever this year, we're seeing some truly astonishing prices drop of technology across the board, with gaming tech like PS VR among the products seeing the sweetest deals.

And now, arguably, is a great time to invest in PS VR.  The catalogue of games and experiences you can enjoy on PlayStation VR has also swelled dramatically over the past six months and now offers fun titles across a wide-variety of genres.

As we want you to get the best possible experience with your PlayStation VR, we've also included deals for the PS4 camera, which you'll need for the PS VR headset to work and the PS Move motion controllers too, which are not essential but are compatible with some VR games and offer more elements of control.

The best PS VR deals

If you're looking to pick up a PlayStation VR in the coming months, there are plenty of deals out there, with Starter Packs (which include a copy of PS VR Worlds and a PlayStation Camera as standard) going for around £230 to £250 depending on the retailer.

Bundles also vary in price, with most adding in an extra game (such as GT Sport, Resident Evil 7, Farpoint or Moss) with others potentially adding in extra PS Move Controllers and/or an Aim Controller. These are usually around the £260 to £290 mark.

You can browse the best deals on PlayStation VR, as well as the PlayStation Camera and PS Move motion controllers below:

cheap ps4 camera deals Black Friday

The best PS4 camera deals

It's fairly obvious that you'll need a PS4, Slim or Pro, to get going with your PS VR but in addition you'll need a PlayStation Camera. 

You have two choices, either the older square blocky shaped one, which will work fine, or the new curvy model (pictured above) launch alongside the VR headset. If you manage to grab one for less than £40 then you're onto a good deal.

cheap playstation vr deals black friday 2018

cheap ps move motion controllers black friday 2018

The best PlayStation Move deals

When it comes to controls, the standard DualShock 4 pad will work fine. However, if you want to enhance your experience you could purchase the Move Motion controllers which give additional controls when used on some games. 

If you want to take it one step further, Sony revelled their VR Aim Controller, which launched alongside the game Farpoint. It is compatible with more than just the one game though and allows you to aim and take fire in your fantasy land with more precision that standard controls.

cheap playstation vr deals black friday 2018