G-Shock's new urban utility colour G-Squad watches make me want to start running

I think you'll love these new understated colourways

G-Shock G-Squad new colours
(Image credit: Casio)

This season G-Shock has introduced new 'urban utility' colours to the G-Squad Series.

Are you wondering what urban utility colours are? To my eyes, they're basically understated military-inspired colours, with dessert sand GBA-900UU-5AER and the olive/khaki GBA-900UU-3AER.

If you prefer the slimmer GBD-200 model, then you've also got the choice between the black GBD-200UU-1ER and off-white GBD-200UU-9ER

All models combine a stylish look with innovative technology, the G-Squad Series being G-Shock's answer to Garmin and Fitbit, designed to enhance workouts and running 

All of these models have an accelerometer, distance measurement and smartphone connection via Bluetooth to elevate them above a standard watch.

G-Shock G-Squad new colours

(Image credit: Casio)

Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a bit when I said these watches could rival Garmin running watches, but when we tested the G-Squad GBD-200 we were impressed by a few things.

The most impressive feature is the watch's thinness. It's a very thin watch and is comfortable on the wrist thanks to the soft urethane strap which is punctuated with holes throughout to ensure breathability.

I must say, I love the retro styling as well, and would choose this over a Fitbit or Garmin in an instant.

G-Shock G-Squad new colours

(Image credit: Casio)

If you'd like the new Urban Utility colourways, all styles are available now on the G-Shock website. The GBA-900 is priced at £119 and the GBD-200 comes in at £129.

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