Wafer-thin G-SHOCK running watch gets the basics right but that's it, really

The Casio GBD-200 is the thinnest G-SQUAD running watch to date with a 2-year battery life

Casio G-SQUAD GBD-200 price release date
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As someone who grew up in the 90s, I have a fascination towards Casio watches, especially its G-SHOCK series. I tested Casio running watches before but it seems that the new G-SQUAD GBD-200 is a bit different from all the bulky wearables I'm used to: in fact, it's the thinnest G-SHOCK running watch to date. So it's no surprise that lacks a bunch of sensors you find in your average running watch. At least it looks pretty decent.

The GBD-200 inherits the iconic square-shaped case design of the very first G-SHOCK and boasts a new, smaller profile design for the case, which is 2.0mm slimmer, 8.8mm shorter and 3.4mm narrower compared to the predecessor GBD-100. It certainly looks somewhat different from the Casio G-Shock GBD-H1000, a running watch that helped Casio establish itself on the running wearables market.

Casio G-SQUAD GBD-200: teaser video

Casio G-SQUAD GBD-200: price and availability 

The Casio G-Shock GBD-200 is available to buy now at Casio US and Casio UK, for a recommended retail price of $150/£139.

AUS prices TBC.

Casio G-SQUAD GBD-200: 

Casio did its best to make the G-SQUAD GBD-200 as thin as humanly possible even if it meant that most of the sensors found in chunkier G-SHOCK models had to be chucked away. Bye-bye GPS chip and au revoir optical heart rate sensor: your services won't be needed here.

You won't be left with no data, however: when paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, the G-SQUAD GBD-200 adjusts distances captured by with the watch’s acceleration sensor using smartphone's GPS, similar to how some of the more basic Fitbit fitness bands track outdoor positioning. Apparently, when you adjusts this even just once, the watch will then measure distances with 'even higher degrees' of accuracy, even when not connected to a smartphone. Magic!

The watch also measures running pace and comes with an auto lap feature that automatically keeps track of times over a set distance – not the most advanced feature in 2021, I must say. When used with the dedicated G-SHOCK MOVE app, the watch offers support for daily workouts, allowing you to check life logs with data on step counts and calories burned (this is estimated since there is no heart rate sensor), activity logs, and more.

To make up for the lack of features and sensors, at least the G-SQUAD GBD-200 is thin. Like, very thin. To make the watch look even slimmer, the case, bezel and other parts are carefully designed to appear flat when viewed from the side. To improve comfort levels, the band is made of soft urethane to ensure a snug fit on the wrist and punctuated with holes throughout to ensure breathability,

I'm sure some fashion-forward recreational runners will like the Casio G-SQUAD GBD-200 but it might not be the first choice for runners who need to improve their running form. Even a fitness tracker could do a better job in that. That said, for the price, I might get one for myself. Just look at those curves, Rawr.

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