Fossil's new watch collection brings the magic of Harry Potter to your wrist

Five new Harry Potter themed watch designs offer something for everyone

The Harry Potter x Fossil automatic watch, on a black background
(Image credit: Fossil)

Harry Potter fans are blessed with some of the best collaborations possible. Everything is on offer – from the Hogwarts Legacy video game to Harry Potter Lego sets and even a Le Creuset x Harry Potter crossover.

Now, popular jewellery brand Fossil has announced a range of necklaces and watches that showcase the iconic brand. It follows the recent trend of tying a fictional character to limited edition timepiece – I'm looking at you, TAG Heuer x Mario Kart.

The five-strong watch collection features four quartz models representing the four Hogwarts houses, plus one automatic offering pictured above.

Harry Potter x Fossil Automatic Watch

The Harry Potter x Fossil automatic watch features a striking four colour split dial, with each representing one of the Hogwarts houses in the Harry Potter universe. That dial features a giant "H" logo, too, behind a simple three-hand setup. A date window sits at the 3 o'clock position, and the seconds hand features the series' iconic lightning bolt design.

It's a 43mm case, too, which is on the larger side for the best watches at the moment. And don't be fooled by that gold-toned case either – it's coloured stainless steel. 

Elsewhere, it features a 22mm bracelet in the same gold-toned stainless steel. There doesn't appear to be any tapering on the strap, either. Sapphire crystal is used both on the front, and on the exhibition caseback. It shows off a 21-jewel movement behind a stamped Hogwarts logo.

The Harry Potter x Fossil Automatic is limited to 3,000 pieces, and costs £459 / $500 / AU$919.

Harry Potter x Fossil Nylon Watch

If automatic watches aren't your thing, or you simply can't spread your allegiances among more than one house, the Harry Potter x Fossil Nylon watch collection has you covered. These quartz watches have a slightly more svelte design, with a 40mm case and leather-backed nylon strap.

There are four different options representing the four houses from the franchise. Each features the emblematic animal of the house in the middle, with some diagonal design work behind, and a simple, three-hand setup. There are no other complications on offer here, either.

The case is made of stainless steel and is coloured to complement the rest of the respective design. Each crown is coloured to match the rest of the design, too, while the caseback features the crest of the house.

Each appears to be limited to a different number – Slytherin is limited to 6,907, Ravenclaw to 4,837, Huffelpuff to 4,849 and Griffindor to 7,348 – and will retail from £189 / $200 / AU$349.

Can't wait for a Harry Potter x Fossil watch?

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