Forget the Samsung Galaxy, this new Samsung ROBOT can pour wine and wash dishes with its one metal claw

Household chores could become a thing of the past with Bot Handy

Samsung Home
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The Samsung show rolls on at CES with mind-boggling news of household robots. 

Samsung is reportedly working on a robotic, domestic deity: it’ll grab your washing, load pots and pans into the dishwasher, lay the dinner table, and even pour you a glass of your favourite pinot noir. 

What would’ve seemed a mere vision a few years’ ago, now takes one step closer to reality thanks to the Bot Handy. Samsung claims that the Bot Handy will be a fully functional household “extension of you in the kitchen and living room.” Indeed, it’s reportedly so handy that president of Samsung Research, Sebastian Seung, claims that it's useful “anywhere else you may need an extra hand in your home.”

The robot is still in its developmental stages, but Bot Handy is eschewing more outdoorsy pursuits to focus on those pesky household errands. It’s purely conceptual, currently: slim, black-and-white, with two digital eyes. Its ocular profile is less scary than you might think, which is good for being in the house alone with it. 

It'll also act as a robotic personal assistant. Samsung displayed an upgraded Bot Care, which helps remind you to step away from the desk. It's supposed to take a more pro-active role in looking after your wellbeing by ensuring you break for food, and remind you to take daily exercise. 

Those of you who are sharp-eyed, may've caught what T3 thinks could be a glimpse of a new Note model in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 at CES. It's a mere crumb of speculation, but worth checking out, as it builds on a big year for Samsung with ahead of the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21, too. 

Bot Handy appears to be wholly dexterous thanks to robotic hands that clamp around items, evocative of those arcade claw cranes, but hopefully with a lot more success of picking up your ceramics! It has three pivot points; its base looks quite similar to the many robotic vacuums that are becoming popular right now, as it twists and turns from side to side, swivelling to retrieve cutlery. 

Samsung is big on home gizmos and these robots feel like a natural extension of smart tech. We’re sure that there’s some heavily complex algorithm that enables it to analyze materials, but it’ll reportedly be able to evaluate objects’ weights, and form factor, while you recline in your desk chair and wait for your wine. You can boost the experience of being waited on by Bot Handy with T3's best office chairs; here, we've picked the best ones on the market to maximise your comfort, as Bot Handy takes care of your chores. 

If you've got pets, then the in-built camera will allow you to monitor their activity, while you're out shopping. At T3, we think it's a mind-bending concept and we're fully on board if Samsung can pull this off – no easy feat considering the complexities of the household environment, and keeping the experience user-friendly. 

Source: cnet

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