Forget running — do this 25 minute dumbbell workout to lose weight and build muscle

All from the comfort of your home.

Man doing dumbbell workout
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Busy schedule holding you back from being able to workout? Make full body workouts your new best friend. They’re brilliant when you don’t have time to cram in four training sessions a week, as they still target all your body’s important muscle groups. But what’s even better than a full body workout? This one which takes less than 30 minutes and is designed to build lean muscle and increase your strength. And all you’re going to need are a pair of regular dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells.

Incorporating weights, like dumbbells, into your workouts can help you build lean muscle mass, as well as burn fat. They’re beginner-friendly and, unlike with a barbell, dumbbells are great at helping reduce any muscular imbalances, which can prevent injuries occurring where one side of your body may overcompensate for the other.  

As well as being a full body dumbbell workout this is also a HIIT workout, so it’s going to be great for your cardiovascular health too. You’ve only got five exercises that will work your entire body and you’ll do each one for 40 seconds, with a 20 second rest in between. There’s five rounds, so after you’ve completed each round give yourself 90 seconds to recuperate before you start the next one. Remember, it’s only 25 minutes out of your entire day, so try and give it your all. Ready? 

Here’s what you’ve got to:

  • Thrusters
  • Renegade row
  • Alternating snatches
  • Dumbbell swings
  • Devil press

Alternatively, if you don’t have any dumbbells, you could always use a pair of kettlebells. Don’t have any of these? Look for home items you could use instead; get out two tins of beans or use two bottles of milk (as the handles will make it easier). Also, remember that alongside doing this workout you’re going to need to be eating good nutritious foods and, if your goal is weight loss, you need to be eating in a calorie deficit (where you consume less calories than your body burns in a day). Working out alone with a poor diet won’t get you the results you’re hoping for. If you need something even more speedy, then we've got a four-move full body dumbbell workout you can try instead.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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