Four moves, two dumbbells and this quick full-body workout to build muscle all over

Don't waste your time in the gym – try this quick home session instead for a full-body workout experience

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T3's best full-body workout is still one of the most-read fitness articles we've ever published, which goes to show that people are interested in exercise routines that engage the entire body. And indeed, one of the best ways to build muscle and burn fat is to use multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This super-quick 4-move workout can help you build muscle, improve hip mobility and burn fat without too much effort.

Compound exercises are movements that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Think bench press, deadlift or squats; these exercises work not only your chest/back/leg muscles but also the triceps/shoulders/glutes, not to mention the smaller muscle groups you use to stabilise the movements. This effect increases both instantaneous and long-term calorie expenditure, as carrying around some extra muscle will improve your resting metabolic rate (the energy you use to exist).

This quick full-body workout is easy to perform. You have four exercises, and you'll complete each for a number of sets and repetitions (listed below). Do the repetitions required in each set, then rest for 30-60 seconds before moving on to the next set of the same exercise. Once you're done with the sets, rest for 90-120 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Focus on slow, controlled movements to maximise muscle load. The movements featured in this workout are as follows: 

  • Around the World Squat 4x10
  • Bicep Curl to Reverse Lunge 4x8
  • Lateral Raise 4x10
  • Cossack Squat 4x8

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