Forget clothes – Barbour launches new perfumes that are warm, woody and winter-ready

Barbour expands its fragrance range with two new luxury perfumes for men and women

Barbour The New Origins perfumes for him and her
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Forget clothes – luxury lifestyle brand, Barbour has shown it can do more with its latest fragrance launch. Rounding out its fragrance collection, Barbour has just launched two new perfumes for men and women which are warm, woody and winter ready.

Barbour is arguably best known for its high end clothing and accessories, particularly its range of the best winter coats and waxed cotton jackets. With designs and materials that are inspired by the British countryside, Barbour extended its fashionable offerings in 2015 by announcing its fragrance line.

Barbour Fragrances For Him and Her are emblematic of the brand’s country roots and heritages. In 2015, Barbour launched its Heritage and Coastal scents that are refreshing, luxurious and inspired by wildflower meadows and the seashore. Since then, Barbour has kept its fragrance line simple and straightforward with its two main scents… until now.

To expand and round out its fragrance line, Barbour has now launched the Barbour Origins line with two new perfumes, For Him and For Her. For AW23, the Barbour Origins scents are described as golden, crisp and an homage to the changing of the seasons and winter landscapes.

While the fragrances are marked as For Him and For Her, Barbour states that the scents can be enjoyed by all genders, giving the new perfumes a unisex appeal. See the best men’s fragrances and the best women’s perfumes for more of our top picks.

Barbour The New Origins

(Image credit: Barbour)

In keeping with classic Barbour style, both fragrance bottles are designed with the iconic Barbour logo, muted colours and tartan accents. Launched in December 2023, the new Barbour Origins perfumes are perfect for Christmas gift giving.

The Barbour The New Origins For Him is from the woody fragrance family, and offers a comforting, warm and spicy scent. It has notes of cardamom, mandarin, cedarwood, lavender, patchouli, amber, geranium and more, all of which blend together to create a layered and lasting fragrance that’s full of spice, citrus and depth. Ideal for the autumn/winter season, the Barbour The New Origins For Him comes in a dark brown bottle with a pink, brown and nude tartan strip and silver embellishments.

With more floral notes in mind, the Barbour The New Origins For Her is inspired by the beauty and vibrancy of the British countryside in autumn. It has green floral notes with hints of lemon, jasmine, pink pepper, bergamot, water lily, rose, golden amber, vanilla and more. While it’s still warm and woody like the For Him fragrance, the Barbour The New Origins For Her is much lighter and fresher. It also comes in a pinky nude coloured bottle with tartan and silver finishes.

Both his and hers fragrances come in 50ml or 100ml bottles, and are available to buy at Barbour and The Fragrance Shop.

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