First-ever alpaca-based fleece from Paka makes mid-layers more sustainable

And it's super soft, too!

Paka launches first-ever alpaca-fibre-based fleece, the Pakacloud
(Image credit: Paka)

Even the best fleece jackets are made from polyester. Of course, leading outdoor brands such as Patagonia and Finisterre will use recycled plastic in their products, but it's still an unsustainable source material, no matter what. Paka is here to change this status quo with its latest product, the alpaca wool-based Pakacloud fleece.

In fact, Paka claims that the Pakacloud is the first fleece in the world that uses alpaca wool, which is more natural, regenerative, and – admittedly – animal-based than polyester.

Sadly, the fleece isn't made with 100% alpaca fibre, but the combination of 35% Baby Alpaca, 29% Recycled Polyester, 18% Merino Wool and 18% Recycled Nylon is still admirable.

(For the record, Baby Alpaca is the name of Paka's ultra-thin alpaca fibre. It wouldn't be too B-Corp-like if Paka sheered baby alpacas on a large scale, after all.)

The composition means that over half of the Pakacloud fleece is not only natural and renewable, but Paka claims that the material also outperforms synthetic fleece in warmth-to-weight ratio and is highly thermoregulated.

Paka launches first-ever alpaca-fibre-based fleece, the Pakacloud

(Image credit: PAKA)

Alpaca wool features hollow medullated air pockets, which reduce heat transfer and create an insulating buffer. Synthetics, conversely, have a solid fibre structure that makes these fleeces less insulating and heavier than natural fibres.

Thanks to its keratin protein content, alpaca fibres are naturally antibacterial (and, therefore, odour resistant), have low moisture retention and feel ultra soft and lightweight. 

On top of this, the Pakacloud fleece has elastane binding at the neck and cuffs, reverse coil zipped hand pockets, a chin guard on the neck opening, a cord lock system at the hem and abrasion-resistant flatlock seams.

Each Pakacloud fleece comes with a QR code with a link that allows you to trace the origins of the materials used for its construction, including the region, province, district and farm/breeder that provided the alpaca wool for the jumper.

Available in unisex sizing, the Pakacloud Fleece Pullover is available in two colours (oat and black) from today, 14 December 2023, directly from Paka for a recommended retail price of $165 (approx. £132/ AU$ 252).

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