Finisterre's spring collection draws inspiration from myths and folklore

It features exciting prints and graphics fused with Finisterre's classic styles and new and innovative sustainable materials

People spending time outdoors wearing Finisterre clothes and wetsuits
(Image credit: Finisterre)

Sustainability champion Finisterre has just launched its latest collection of outdoor apparel ready for spring, which in the UK, where the brand is from, is very similar to the weather most folks on the island are enjoying right now, in the middle of winter.

The latest additions include lifestyle and performance items, and there is also a new collab with independent Cornish artist Josh Vyvyan.

You'll find plenty of Finisterre items in T3's best wetsuit, best fleece jacket and best waterproof jacket guides. Fleeces, in particular, are a strong suit of Finisterre – after all, the brand's first product was a fleece.

In Cornwall, where the brand's headquarters is located, cold water swimming and surfing are huge. Drawing inspiration from local Cornish folklore but also the environmentally-conscious Finisterre community, the new spring collection is built with durable, recycled and natural materials to help you stay warm and dry while exploring the Great Outdoors.

The company has big plans with wetsuits and has been working for years to help reduce the environmental impact of neoprene-based wetsuits via its Wetsuits from Wetsuits program.

The spring collection features plant-based Yulex wetsuits (to buy or rent), recycled swimwear, and all the gear that gets you to the water and warms you up when you emerge.

The upcoming collaboration with local artist Josh Vyvyan is another exciting addition to the Finisterre lineup. Josh's unique embroideries and designs will be incorporated into some of the brand's most popular pieces.

Finally, the new Creative Everyday range is made for "makers and doers who are inspired and nourished by the ocean," Finisterre says. From durable workwear-inspired gear to hard-wearing sweats and shirts, you'll find a ton of exciting items in the new collection. 

Shop all new arrivals at Finisterre. You can also read more about the story behind the new campaign here.

Matt Kollat
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