FIFA 22 Black Friday deals see price slashed on PS5 and Xbox Series X at Amazon

The beautiful game just got a whole lot cheaper...

FIFA 22 Black Friday
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In our relentless pursuit of the best Black Friday deals, T3 has stumbled upon an outstanding bargain on FIFA 22 over at Amazon. FIFA fans will know that the video game franchise has never just been about hardcore soccer fans. All sorts of people, gamers and non-gamers alike, have always harbored a soft spot for the football series of games. FIFA is more than just a game: it's a tool for settling interpersonal rivalries and to test out the wildest of Rabona flicks – even if people don't profess to like the sport itself, there's no doubt that FIFA is a great way to spend time with your friends.

Unlike other sports-based gaming titles, FIFA has transcended the console format into something that better resembles a cultural phenomenon. In much the same way that footie itself is more than just the game, FIFA is more than just 11 animated men running around a pitch. It's about outclassing your housemates with skills honed over hours of gameplay, a way to decide grudge matches, and everything else in between that demands an entertaining, skill-based way to decide personal rivalries (or maybe that's just me). Either way, if it's anything at all: FIFA is fair, it's fun, and it's now cheaper than ever before.

What FIFA 22 discounts are available on Amazon?

Amazon has today decided to slash lots of money off FIFA 22, the latest addition to the franchise. It's a Black Friday steal and stock is sure to move quickly. Lest we forget that Cyber Monday is fast-approaching, as well. 

Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is all about doing the right amount of prep to ensure that you grab those fleeting deals. Ahead of the big day, we've compiled a list of the best Cyber Monday deals, so you don't miss those early bargains. 

FIFA 22 on Xbox One  was £59.99, now £37.99 at Amazon

FIFA 22 on Xbox One was £59.99, now £37.99 at Amazon
FIFA 22's graphical upgrades and new animation technology make gameplay smoother, with goals demanding a more deliberate action. It's the best of the franchise so far and is £22 off over at Amazon UK.

FIFA 22 on Xbox Series X/S  was £77, now £51.99 at Amazon

FIFA 22 on Xbox Series X/S was £77, now £51.99 at Amazon
All of the same goodness as the Xbox One edition, but this is the premium outing. Top-drawer graphics (or should we say top bins), it's the next-gen experience and you'll pay the extra. However, for those with the latest console, then it's a good time to pick up a copy of FIFA 22 as it's got a tidy 33% discount while stocks last.

FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4  was £59.99, now £37.99 at Amazon

FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4 was £59.99, now £37.99 at Amazon
True Ball physics, vastly improved graphics, and goal celebrations that mimic your favorite football players. FIFA 22 on PS4 has received widespread acclaim from Sony gamers, so it's nice that Amazon is taking 37% off the original price. Game on.

FIFA 22 on PlayStation 5 was £69.99, now £48.99 at Amazon

FIFA 22 on PlayStation 5 was £69.99, now £48.99 at Amazon
Once again, the next-gen edition of FIFA 22 is eye-searingly impressive on the PS5. Playing on the offense is more visceral and the PS5 squeezes every last drop out of FIFA's graphical prowess. The latest installment's gameplay feels more advanced and more refined thanks to the PS5 engine.

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