Here's the Huawei Mate 30 video you've been waiting for

Stunning new concept video shows just how special the Mate 30 could be

Huawei Mate 30 video

Here's your very first look at a brand new video of the Huawei Mate 30 by talented 3D artist Concept Creator, who has a really strong track record of making great and, often, scarily accurate concept videos of eagerly anticipated new phones.

This lush concept video, which can be viewed below, really has it all. Not only do we get a laid-bare tour around the device's screen, casing, camera system and connections, but we also get a look at the powerful processor slated to power it, the next-gen Kirin 985 HiAI.

Stunning, right? We love how the Huawei P30 Pro's classy teardrop notch has been incorporated, replacing the wide rectangular notch of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and also all the other small details from the P30 range such as the red-surrounded-by-silver power button and five-vent speaker unit.

In terms of camera system, the addition of the P30 Pro's amazing periscope zoom camera in the centre of the Mate's iconic square rear camera array also looks dynamite, with the wizzy new camera tech slated to be a shoe-in for the Chinese maker's next technical leader.

Internally, the addition of the Kirin 985 HiAI seems perfect, with the red hot new 7nm chipset heading into mass production imminently. With 5G networks landing within the next few months in many countries around the world, the rumoured to be 5G-integrated Kirin 985 HiAI would be a very natural partner for the Huawei Mate 30 range, and especially a Mate 30 Pro.

Indeed, only one week ago did Chinese news site report on a leak that indicated that the Mate 30 Pro is coming with a Kirin 985 processor, as well as a huge 6.71-inch OLED display and large 4,200mAh battery. Huawei's Baron 500 (Balong 5000) 5G modem was also mentioned.

In terms of colours, the Huawei Mate 30 here seems to move away from the Mate 20's hyper optical pattern finish and more towards the P30 range's brighter and shinier finishes, with a P30 Breathing Crystal-style colour-changing effect also shown off.

Despite this phone's new additions, though, we're pleased to see that the Mate series' softer lines remain firmly intact, with the more curved frame granting the device a more mature, professional look.

We're impressed, and if the official Huawei Mate 30 looks anywhere near as good as this spectacular render then we're going to be very happy indeed. Throw in super-fast internal hardware and native 5G support, and we may very well have the year's best 5G phone in our hands when it launches later this year.

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