eufy releases the X9 Pro robot vacuum, its first Active Power Booster CleanerBot

eufy’s new robot vacuum cleaner offers smart navigation, adaptive pressure and self-cleaning

eufy Clean X9 Pro robot vacuum launch
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UK smart home and security brand, eufy has just launched its new robot vacuum cleaner, the eufy Clean X9 Pro. Dubbed as a “world’s first Active Power Booster CleanerBot”, this new 2-in-1 robotic vacuum and mop offers a multi-surface cleaning performance that removes dirt, dust and stains from every type of flooring.

eufy is well known for its range of best robot vacuum cleaners and smart home cleaning products, including the 5-star the eufy Mach V1 Ultra vacuum, mop and steam cleaner. The X9 Pro is a new addition to its range of robot vacuums, and is packed full of smart features for advanced navigation, adaptive pressure and professional cleaning.

The eufy Clean X9 Pro is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner that’s equipped with a Twin Turbo Powered MopMaster system. Designed to tackle stains in multiple rooms, the X9 Pro can be used across different surfaces, including carpet, rugs, tiles, hardwood and laminate.

An incredibly powerful and surprisingly quiet machine, the X9 Pro has a 5,500 Pa strong suction and runs on a high powered motor. This completely hands-free system uses cutting-edge smart navigation and AI mapping. Its iPath laser navigation, AI camera and 3D sensors allows the X9 Pro to move around your house seamlessly, avoiding obstacles and picking up debris in one pass.

One of the most impressive features of the X9 Pro is its new MopMaster system. The dual spinning mop pads have a pentagonal shape and rotate at 180 RPM to effectively cover your floors. The mopping system delivers high pressure and high speeds that exerts downwards to remove tough stains. This pressure adapts accordingly to the type of stains and flooring that it recognises, making this robot vacuum extremely intelligent and versatile.

eufy Clean X9 Pro

(Image credit: eufy)

The X9 Pro’s MopMaster system has an auto-lift feature that automatically raises the mop pads up to 12 millimetres when it detects carpet. This clever functionality means the X9 Pro can easily switch between carpets and hard floors, vacuuming and mopping for expert multi-surface cleaning.

Another feature that X9 Pro users are sure to enjoy is its Auto-Clean functionality. When it completes its cleaning schedule, the X9 Pro returns to its base and cleans and dries itself at 40-degree heat. Not only does this help the vacuum and mop pads stay clean and odourless after each use, but it also means the X9 Pro stays in top condition without any bacterial growth.

The new eufy Clean X9 Pro takes hands-free cleaning to the next level, offering vacuuming and mopping functionalities, smart navigation and self-cleaning features. If you hate vacuuming, this robotic vacuum does the job for you without you really needing to be involved! But unsurprisingly, these high quality smart functions come with a pretty premium price tag, and the eufy Clean X9 Pro is available for £899 at eufy.

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