Emma’s new Lite mattress offers hybrid support at its most affordable price

Emma launches new Lite mattress, its most affordable option in its collection

Emma Lite
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Emma has launched its most affordable mattress yet, the Lite mattress. It’s made of a comfortable mixture of foam and springs for support around the head, neck and lower back.

Now the cheapest option you can buy at Emma, the Emma Lite mattress is available now with prices starting from £219.

Emma has just added to its award-winning collection of mattresses with its most affordable model yet. The Emma Lite is the latest hybrid mattress from the brand, and offers comfort, durability and affordability, especially for those who want premium support on a tight budget.

Known as one of the best mattress manufacturers on the market, Emma offers five mattresses that cater to different needs, including temperature regulation for a cool night’s sleep, support for better alignment, and motion isolation for less disruptions in the night. While Emma’s products vary in price, the Emma Lite is the most affordable mattress from the brand.

Available in single, double, king and super king sizes, the Emma Lite mattress starts at just £219, which is much cheaper than other big name brands and even Emma’s own Original mattress. But just because it’s not very expensive doesn’t mean Emma’s skimped on the quality of the Emma Lite.

With a medium-soft firmness level, the Emma Lite is made up of four layers, with a mixture of foam and steel pocket springs. Underneath the removable cover is the AeroFoam layer which allows air to flow through the foam’s open cells for a more breathable and cool sleep environment.

Emma Lite

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Beneath the AeroFoam is another layer of foam called the SupportBase foam. This layer is what gives the Emma Lite its firmness, but unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, you won’t get that sinking feeling. Instead the mattress moulds to your body and cradles it for better comfort and support.

Speaking of support, the three-zone Infinity Springs work to align your spine and adjust your posture so you won’t feel aches and pains in the morning. The entire mattress is designed to better support the head, neck and lower back specifically, and the materials used are durable and long lasting.

Prices start at £219, making the Emma Lite the most affordable Emma mattress you can buy. Emma also runs sales throughout the year (its Spring Sale is currently live) so if you want extra money off your purchases, check out these Emma sales, deals and discount codes.

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