Dualit’s new espresso machine is all about the grind with its pre-infusion extraction

Dualit launches its new Espressivo Pro and the price might shock you

Dualit Espressivo Pro
(Image credit: Dualit)

Dualit has just launched the Espressivo Pro, its new espresso machine. For barista-style coffee at home, the Dualit Espressivo Pro is all about the grind with its many bean grinding customisable settings.

The Dualit Espressivo Pro is available to buy exclusively at John Lewis for £549.99.

Dualit has just announced the launch of its new programmable espresso machine, the Espressivo Pro. Exclusively available at John Lewis, the Dualit Espressivo Pro has impressive bean grinding features to allow users to completely customise their coffee making experience.

Dualit isn’t new to the coffee industry as it designs and manufactures many of the best pod coffee machines. But its new Espressivo Pro espresso machine might be Dualit’s most advanced coffee maker yet, with its sleek design and personalised grind settings.

With a similar design to that of the best bean to cup machines, the Dualit Espressivo Pro has an attractive LCD display which allows you to personalise all aspects of your coffee making. The machine can make freshly ground and brewed coffees with just a few taps, with the display letting you fully customise your grind size, temperature and cup sizes.

The most impressive features of the Dualit Espressivo Pro is its grinding performance. It has a built-in burr grinder with 40 adjustable settings and dose control to grind your beans for the perfect extraction. The Dualit Espressivo Pro works by grinding beans immediately before brewing to unlock all the aromas and flavours of your beans of choice.

Dualit Espressivo Pro

(Image credit: Dualit)

The grinder of the Dualit Espressivo Pro has a built-in pre-infuser that mixes the ground coffee with the right amount of water to release the coffee’s aroma before extraction, reducing the coffee’s bitterness. The Dualit Espressivo Pro also comes with a removable stainless steel conical burr and sealable bean hopper so you can switch between different bean types easily and hygienically.

While the Dualit Espressivo Pro is primarily an espresso machine, it also has a steaming wand for frothy milk drinks, like lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolates. Other notable features include a dual Thermoblock heating system, an automatic 30-minute shut-off and a built-in warming plate.

The Dualit Espressivo Pro is available exclusively at John Lewis and comes with a range of accessories, including a Portafilter with single and double cup filters, coffee tamper, milk jug, bean hopper and cleaning products. As a bean-to-cup maker, it’s more high end than Dualit’s other coffee machines, and is priced at £549.99.

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