Does the Z Fold 4 come with S Pen? Stylus options for Samsung's new Galaxy foldable

The Z Fold 4 is S Pen compatible, but does that mean one comes in the box or not?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 with S Pen stylus
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is now official, fresh off the back of the Galaxy Unpacked event, leading the pack when it comes to Samsung's best folding phones range. But there are a lot of people wondering: is the new Z Fold compatible with Samsung's S Pen stylus?

The short answer is yes. But then so was the Galaxy Z Fold 3. So is there any change to functionality or compatibility? The answer to that would be no. The S Pen Fold Edition stylus remains one and the same, the product hasn't been updated and you can still buy it – and its £44.99 price tag has been slashed since launch, as you can see in the price widget below. 

But you'll probably be thinking: "why would I need to buy an S Pen Fold Edition stylus – surely it's included in the Fold 4's box?". Wrong! The Galaxy Z Fold 4 doesn't include the stylus as part of its package, you'll need to fork out extra if you want one. That's because, as I point out in my Z Fold 4 versus Z Fold 3 differences feature, the two phones are very similar. 

However, should you pre-order – and you can read my Z Fold 4 early verdict review here – then there's a way around this conundrum. As per its predecessor's promotional launch, the latest big-screen Galaxy foldable will also be available with a free Starter Kit, usually priced £89.99 in the UK, which includes the S Pen Fold Edition stylus, a Flip Case (for the Fold, of course, not the Galaxy Z Flip 4!), and a 25W plug (as only the cable is included in the box). 

Seeing as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 can cost north of £2,000, you'll no doubt want to protect the device, so the case certainly seems like a savvy idea, S Pen or not. However, I'm still a little sad that Samsung hasn't figured out some magical way to embed the S Pen within the Fold 4's body – a feature that, just maybe, could be on the cards in the foldable series' future?

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