Custom PS5 paint job is SO easy, you'll forget all about PlayStation 5 faceplates

Want a custom PS5? Here's how to customise your PlayStation 5 console and DualSense controller

PS5 PlayStation 5 Spider-Man Miles Morales
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital | Giuseppe Spinelli)

The PS5 has now rolled out worldwide, and while it offers a new generation of high-fidelity games, its bright white colorway isn't to everyone's tastes –  but you can change that!

While the release of PS5 faceplates is uncertain, you can take a crack at customising your console with a paint job; a handful of PS5 owners have already started giving their PS5s facelifts to add some extra flair to their gaming experience, and have shared exactly how to go about doing it.

One custom design has come from Reddit-user crayoons (opens in new tab), who painted a sharp orange stripe across his PS5, before superimposing a skull and PlayStation logo on its side.  An interesting choice of color scheme, it illustrates the potential for console owners to radically personalize their machines.

In a video (opens in new tab) uploaded to his YouTube channel, crayoons details how he created the custom paint job for his PS5, so that anyone who wants to jazz up their own console can do the same. It’s well worth a watch and outlines how you can mask and paint a neat design on the faceplate of your PS5.

Make sure you remove the faceplates from the console before attempting the makeover, and use tape to mask off any areas you want to keep white. You'll need to apply a few layers of spray paint to get a bold color. Use spray paint with primer already added to help the paint stick evenly to the plastic faceplate.

And if you’re unconvinced by that slightly gaudy design, check out this paint job from Reddit-user akarshbansal11 (opens in new tab) for a Spider-Man themed PS5  so crisp and neat, it looks like it could be an official Sony faceplate.

Others have turned to their controllers to unleash their creative spirits. The front, black plate of the PS5 DuelSense can be removed without tools, making it perfect for spontaneous spray-painting. Check out this bright purple trim on YouTube (opens in new tab)!

Or if you want to go the full way, you can take apart your controller piece-by-piece, and paint its three separate faceplates for a more complete design. Reddit-user KrysSpace (opens in new tab) sprayed his DualSense controller with a glittery, galaxy purple color that looks awesome.

If you fancy dipping into the custom paint job craze, you'll need to grab yourself a PS5 first. There's a Black Friday PS5 restock so you should hopefully be able to snag one. Be sure to follow our PS5 restock guide for updates so you know where to buy the console for your gaming – and painting – needs.

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