These hi-tech trainers use memory foam for ultimate comfort

And they don't look rubbish - time to hang up the Crocs?

Ever fancied wearing something which is as comfy as your memory foam mattress? Well now you can with the Cushe Getaways -- made with Memory Foam soles -- it's literally like wearing beds on your feet.

Life can be pretty stressful and it's only made worseby uncomfortable shoes. The Getaway shoe does exactly what it says on the tin, it gets you away from solid, rubbing, everyday shoes and immerses you in supreme comfort.

The shoe features 'Cushe Mellow' an incredibly soft memory foam sole with a super spongy action, which supports your feet. The outside of the shoe compromises of a mesh with suede material which means that your feet won't sweat (too much).

Easy to slip on and off, the Getaway is made for on the go, spontaneous trips to the beach and travellers with limited luggage space.

What's surprising is that these don't look like your typical Crocs or Uggs -- they look like normal trainers. A stigma attached with 'comfy shoes' is that although you'll be comfy, yet mocked for their retiree like appearance.

With Cushe Getaway you could maybe pass even pass as being cool?