Coros launches ultralight Pace 3 running watch with new hardware and software

The successor of the lightest running watch from Coros improves battery life, adds dual-frequency GPS and more

Coros launches Pace 3 running watch
(Image credit: Coros)

Coros isn't the brand that churns out new iterations of its wearables every year, making it all the more exciting when there is a new release. This is especially true with Pace 3, the successor of the mega-successful Coros Pace 2, a lightweight running watch that won the T3 Awards in 2022.

The new wearable added a bunch of hardware features to bring the Pace 3 up to speed with today's best running watches. The highlights include a redesigned All Systems satellite chipset with optional Dual Frequency mode and an updated heart rate sensor, the latter of which allows the watch to collect precise heart rate
and SpO2 data, track sleep better and provide more accurate wear detection.

Another big update is the improved battery life. The GPS battery life went from 30 to 36 hours (this probably isn't dual-frequency tracking, though), while in smartwatch mode, the Pace 3 can last for 24 days (as opposed to Pace 2's 20 days). And that's despite the fact that the Coros Pace 3 is more or less the same weight (30g without the straps) as its predecessor.

Coros launches Pace 3 running watch

(Image credit: Coros)

Coros also added a new transflective always-on touchscreen display, which we can only assume isn't AMOLED, as the battery life surely would suffer if it were. The watch also has new sports modes, including Hiking, Trail Running, Ski, XC Ski, and Snowboard, added to the extensive number of modes already available on the Pace 2.

Preorders for her Coros Pace 3 are open now at Coros, Coros Authorized Distributors and Retailers, and Amazon US/ Amazon UK, with shipping to customers expected to begin the week of the 5th of September. It will launch in 5 variants, White Nylon, White Silicone, Black Nylon, Black Silicone, and the PACE 3 Track Edition for a recommended retail price of $229/ £219/ AU$ 399/ €249. The COROS PACE 3 Track Edition will be available in October 2023. 

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