Latest COROS smartwatch update takes its wearables one step closer to Garmin watches

COROS VERTIX/VERTIX 2/APEX Pro/PACE 2 are getting a ton of new updates, including improved sleep tracking and more

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COROS smartwatches are some of the best value-for-money fitness wearables (little) money can buy, but thanks to the latest firmware update, they are even better value now! While most people will opt-in to get a Garmin watch to monitor their performance, COROS is catching up quickly to its biggest rival, thanks to regular firmware updates.

The latest improvements address some of the sleep-tracking accuracy issues COROS watches had as well as adding a new training calendar view in the COROS app and more; all updates are detailed below. Funnily enough, Garmin also just recently updated its Fenix 7 and Epix watches. Coincidence? Probably.

The software update is being rolled out to COROS multisport watches gradually. First, COROS Vertix and COROS Vertix 2 adventure/outdoor watches will be updated on 16 May 2022, while COROS Pace 2 and Apex Pro owners will have to wait until 19 May for their running watches to get the data bundle. Why? I have no idea, but that's how it is, so be patient.

All watches should update automatically but if you can't see the updates appearing, sync the watch with the COROS App – that should do the trick. COROS didn't specify a time for the update, so don't get too alarmed if your watch doesn't get updated first thing in the morning; it could just be that your watch is scheduled for an update later in the day.

COROS 16 May 2022 Firmware update: What's new?

The latest COROS software improvements include 10 key updates, as follows:

  • Structured Workout for Indoor Run and Bike Mode (VERTIX/VERTIX 2/APEX Pro/PACE 2): Previously structured workouts were only available for GPS Run and Bike mode. COROS watches now support the implementation of training plans and individual workouts for both Indoor Run and Indoor Bike modes.
  • RPE and Training Notes (VERTIX/VERTIX 2/APEX Pro/PACE 2): Users are able to record RPE (Rate of Preserved Exertion) and training notes after finishing a pre-planned workout.
  • Sleep with REM Tracking (VERTIX/VERTIX2/APEX Pro/PACE 2): This update improves the accuracy of sleep detection (at night and in the morning) in addition to tracking waking periods in the middle of the night to a higher degree of accuracy. The update also adds the sleep stage REM (Rapid Eye Movement), a crucial piece in the overall picture of sleep quality.
  • Adjusted Pace in Run Mode (VERTIX/VERTIX 2/APEX Pro/PACE 2): Adjusted Pace is a metric displaying an estimation of what COROS calculates your pace would be if running on completely flat ground. When running uphill, Adjusted Pace will be faster than the actual pace of the run (running uphill requires extra effort), while running downhill will result in an Adjusted Pace metric that is slower than the actual pace. 

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COROS Vertix 2: so much better value

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  • Watch Status Indicator (COROS App): This update adds a watch icon in the upper left-hand corner on the homepage. The icon is an indication of current watch connection status (disconnected, syncing, synced and syncing failure). 
  • New Training Calendar View (COROS App): Displays all training sessions on the calendar in the COROS app. Future training sessions will be shown without background colours/transparent, with a coloured outline indicating workout type.
  • Find My Phone and Find My Watch (VERTIX/VERTIX 2/APEX Pro/PACE 2): If a user has their COROS watch and phone connected via Bluetooth, they can now find their watch via the COROS App and vice versa. This will be shown as a new tool in the Toolbox - "Find My Phone".
  • Manually Delete Activities from Watch (VERTIX/VERTIX 2/APEX Pro/PACE 2): You can now delete an unwanted activity on the watch. After finishing the activity, there will be a "Delete" option to delete the activity.
  • Wi-Fi Data Sync (VERTIX 2): VERTIX 2 users can update daily metrics and activity summaries via Wi-Fi. This will be displayed as a new tool in the toolbox, "Wi-Fi Update".
  • Map Display Optimization (VERTIX/VERTIX 2/APEX Pro):  Offline global maps will now display all trails/roads from the scale of 200m (500ft) or closer. Previously this was only available on the map when the scale was 100m (200ft) or closer. 

Let's not forget that COROS users also have access to the COROS Training Hub; yet another training tool that makes COROS watches such great value for money. Haven't got a COROS watch yet? Check out the best COROS watch deals below!

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