Clarks x Land Rover collection are the perfect sneakers to compliment your off-roader

Stylish, rugged, and stable

Clarks has teamed up with Land Rover to create the ‘Life. Limitless’ collection, a range of rugged trainers and boots which are designed to perform as well off-road as they do on tarmac.

As well as being able to perform on every surface, the three silhouettes have also been designed to look good on any terrain, and won't look out of place on the high street or a 5-mile hike.

They're just like Land Rover's cars then, really.

Each model has been designed to three core principles:

Grip: Optimum grip and traction in wet and dry conditions, the sole mimics Land Rover’s tires.

Stability: Robust and GORE-TEX waterproofed.

Environment: The collection reacts to the terrain for optimal rebound and energy return.

Check out the silhouettes below:

CLR51.N: Performance-driven with lifestyle configuration. Engineered upper and lower midsoles meet a signature wraparound GORE-TEX Stretch knitted weave, a first in casual footwear. City-perfect with optimal comfort from sidewalk to slick-wet tar.

CLR52.N: Built to be versatile and terrain responsive using GORE-TEX Performance Stretch Technology. Designed to travel from city streets to mud ruts, robustly delivering the perfect balance of performance and lifestyle.

CLR53.N: Engineered for protection and stability from the street to ice and snow. The ultimate terrain-ready performance boot designed for comfort in rugged environments, with guaranteed GORE-TEX Performance technology.

The first style launched on the 1st October is the CLR51.N, priced at £129, with the heavier duty mid and high top sneaker/boot hybrids following one month later.

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