Cheap Google Pixel 3a deals are among best we've ever seen: £120 or $80 off NOW

One of the world’s best mid-priced phones is now even better priced

Google Pixel 3a deal
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Last year's Google Pixel 3a was Google's first attempt at whittling down one of its premium flagship phones into a more affordable model by using cheaper materials and chips. Having just released the Pixel 4 three months ago, Google is expected to follow it up up with a Pixel 4a and 4a XL which it'll likely announce in May. So it’s no surprise that Google Pixel 3a deals are now flying about.

🇬🇧 Buy Pixel 3a for £280 at Laptops Direct (was £399)
Buy Pixel 3a for £299 at Currys 

🇺🇸 Buy the Pixel 3a in the USA for $320 (was $399) at

For its price, Pixel 3a is among the most popular and best phones you can get. There's a 0.1-inch screen size difference between the handset and the Pixel 3, and the phone sports a 3.5mm audio jack unlike its more expensive counterpart, which is a godsend in this age of a single port to both charge your phone and plug your headphones into (yes, we know wireless headphones exist. We even have a list of the best wireless headphones).

The Pixel 3a launched at £399 which looked very enticing when compared to the Pixel 3's £739 price tag, and now you can save an  extra £100 on the device at Currys PC world. You can save even more than that at Laptops Direct where the Pixel 3a is just £279.97. Check out the details for both deals below: 

Google Pixel 3a | Deal Price: £299 | Save: £100

Google Pixel 3a | Deal Price: £299 | Save: £100
Currys PC World has dropped the price of the Google Pixel 3a handset by a whopping £100, saving you around 25% on the usual price of £399. We gave the handset a very respectable 4 stars in our review and even at its regular price we'd recommend this smartphone for those of you who want a new device but don't want to break the bank. 

Google Pixel 3a | Deal Price: £279.97 | Save: £119.03

Google Pixel 3a | Deal Price: £279.97 | Save: £119.03
Laptops Direct may not be as recognisable a brand name as Currys PC World, but it offers some solid deals and has a great Trustpilot score - although we always recommend you do your own research if you're dubious. This deal will save you an extra £20 on the Currys offer, so if shopping at the bog standard high street retailers isn't a must for you, check this deal out. 

Google Pixel 3a | Deal Price: $319.99 | Save: $79.01

Google Pixel 3a | Deal Price: $319.99 | Save: $79.01
We didn't want to leave our American readers out in the cold when there's a chance for you to save a few dollars on the Pixel 3a too. Amazon has dropped the price from the usual $399 to just $320, saving you almost $80, which isn't to be sniffed at. 

The great thing about the Pixel 3a is that it's so cheap that you don't have to get locked into a two-year-long contract with a pricey monthly bill that includes the cost of your phone on top of your usage. The price drop has made it phenomenally cheap, and you'll be saving yourself a ton of money in the long run by buying it outright.

It may not be a premium smartphone, but with the difference between iterations being minuscule these days, it'll most definitely do what you need it to. We called it "a little miracle" in our review, which is high praise indeed. You can always check out our roundup of other cheap phones, but we doubt you'll find a deal as good as this right now. 

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