Cancelling Netflix? IMDb TV is now called Freevee and completely free to watch

Watch movies and TV shows for free now with Amazon's Freevee streaming service

Amazon's Freevee streaming service, which was formally called IMDb TV
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As I've written about before, the sharp rises in the costs of living right now is forcing me, as well as millions of other people, to really re-evaluate which streaming services they pay for.

Cancelling streaming services like Netflix is now very zeitgeist, with families and individuals tightening their belts in order to save money. The obvious downside to this, though, is that people are then left with less content to watch during their relaxation time.

Well, if you've just cancelled Netflix or another streaming service and find yourself with nothing to watch, then the good news is that you can now watch loads of top movies and TV shows for free on Freevee. The movies and TV shows are ad-supported, sure, but the key thing is they are 100 per cent free to watch and can be streamed à la carte whenever you want.

Freevee is the new name for IMDb TV, which is owned by Amazon, and features a library of content that includes hit shows like The West Wing, Community and Hell's Kitchen, as well as exciting movies like Donnie Darko, Big Fish, Battle Royale, Dorian Gray, Unlikely Hero, Frost/Nixon, Crimson Peak and The 51st State.

As with Netflix, Freevee's content is split into genres and categories, and there's everything from a sci-fi section through to a family movies category. There's even a sports documentaries section.

Basically, for a completely free service that requires no subscription, I think Freevee is well worth scoping out if you're looking for something to watch. And it's especially welcome if you've just cancelled your streaming service subscription.

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