Boost your mood and burn calories in 10 minutes with this no-jump workout

You don’t need any equipment either – result!

Woman doing a bodyweight squat
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Walking is a great, low-impact cardio workout that’s easy on our joints and can help us burn calories. But, let’s be honest, pacing on the best treadmill can be rather boring, especially if you’re simply staring at a screen, or worse, nothing at all. This bodyweight workout, however, is a great alternative; it’ll get your heart pumping, those endorphins flowing and you’ll burn some calories while you’re at it.

When it comes to low impact cardio, many actually wonder whether it makes a real difference. While it’s true, it may not burn as many calories as more high intensity cardio workout would, like running, according to The Nation’s Health it can reduce blood pressure, stress, but also reduce the risk of injury — so it's a great option for everybody.

For this workout you’ve got six exercises to get through, with 45 seconds of work, followed by a 15 second rest. If you still find this too intense, drop your work time down to 30 seconds. Although there’s no equipment needed, make sure you have your best workout shoes on, as you will be moving around quite a lot, so these will enable you to have more stability and balance. Here’s your workout: 

  • Prisoner squat rotation
  • Lunge into knee drive
  • Walking plank
  • Double lunge (do two one side, swap to the other, then repeat)
  • Kick through
  • Squat into a reach (squat down low then as you stand reach to the sky)

We hope you found that a lot more stimulating than just pacing on the treadmill! If you enjoyed it, then you should definitely give this other low-impact bodyweight workout a go that will also only take you 10 minutes. Otherwise, if you're a bit more pushed for time, give this seven minute, no-jump workout a go instead. Enjoy!

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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