No time to exercise? Let this low-impact, bodyweight, full-body workout change your mind

Want to burn some calories but can't be bothered to go for a run? Try this 10-minute no-jump cardio workout instead

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You're busy; we're busy – everyone's busy. That shouldn't stop you from exercising, though, since thousands of fast and effective workouts are available to try to get and stay fit. Look at this no-jump, no-repeat bodyweight home exercise routine: it's quick, will get you sweating and won't bother the neighbours, either.

Full-body workouts come in many shapes and sizes; some are long and use home gym equipment like barbells and dumbbells, while others are short and sweet and require nothing more than a bit of willpower. The best full-body workout sits between the two: it has significant muscle-building potential and uses only five exercises. Others, like the best push-pull-legs routine, are a bit more elaborate but allow you to work out almost daily.

This 10-minute, no-repeat full-body workout uses bodyweight exercises only and will get you to do each movement for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest. The low-impact nature means you can potentially skip the warm-up, although we'd recommend not doing so – stretching is beneficial for mobility, general well-being and more. You won't need any equipment, but we'd suggest using an exercise or yoga mat for added comfort. The exercises featured in this workout are:

  • Ice skaters
  • Squat into alternating reverse lunge
  • Modified burpee (no jump)
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Crab knee/toe touches
  • Sit-ups with punches
  • Plank rotation
  • Squat with alternating knee drive/toe touch
  • Modified pp and overs (no jump)
  • Standing oblique twists with knee drive/toe-touch

We're sure you're hungry for more full-body workout content after you try this one, so here are a few suggestions to get you started. If you have a home weight at hand, you must give this 6-move dumbbell full-body blast a try. Prefer kettlebells over dumbbells? No problem! Here's a 15-minute beginner-friendly full-body workout instead. Finally, you mustn't miss this 4-move, 2-dumbbell full-body sesh' that helps build and maintain muscle.

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