Burn fat with this 7-minute no-jump, low-impact full body workout

Short on time and have fussy neighbours? Try this quick apartment-friendly cardio workout for fast fat-burning results

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Doing high-intensity interval (HIIT) workouts is an amazing way to burn fat and get the body moving, even if you're short on time or have no home gym equipment. However, HIIT is intense – it's in the name, after all – which makes it less ideal for people who are new to exercise.

For them, this quick 7-minute no-jump, low-impact full-body routine is an ideal alternative; better still, it delivers similar results but without angering the neighbours. It can be performed without any equipment and is suitable for all age groups. For those more adjusted to HIIT classes, this could be an early morning warm-up to start your day.

Any sort of HIIT workout will help you burn calories, raise your VO2 Max level (the maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise) and increase your heart rate bpm. Lucy takes us through 7 compound exercises, each lasting 50 seconds with a 10-second rest in-between exercises:

  • Exercise 1- 6 rolling arms & heel raises then 6 high kicks with your arms crossed (50 seconds) 
  • Exercise 2- 2 steps back in a squat position then 2 side taps in a lunge position (50 seconds) 
  • Exercise 3- 3 power punches then side lunge (50 seconds) 
  • Exercise 4- 3 side steps hold, then 3 running arms (50 seconds)
  • Exercise 5- 3 steps behind, 3 straight leg kicks (50 seconds) 
  • Exercise 6- 4 power punches then 4 diagonal knee crunches 
  • Exercise 7- 4 plie squats then 4 arm sweep step-backs

If you find this HIIT workout too leisurely, then try this full-body workout, designed for seasoned athletes with four circuits to give you a full-body pump. For those athletes looking to push themselves to the limit, we have laid out the 3-stage SAS workout that will maximize strength building and endurance as well as mental resilience.

To monitor and analyze these and other health metrics, we recommend investing in one of the best Fitbit devices, which can really transform any of your sub-optimal lifestyle habits to improve your overall health. Experiencing foot discomfort during your HIIT workouts? Try wearing one of our expertly tested 15 best workout shoes that will provide balance and protection from foot injuries. 

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