BLK BOX is giving away £350+ worth of fitness equipment for a lucky 'Product Tester'

You have a bit over 24 hours left to become a temporary product tester at BLK BOX

BLX BOX Product Tester Competition
(Image credit: BLX BOX)

You know all those fake ‘test the latest iPhone and keep it after’ ads online? Well, this isn’t one of them. British sports equipment company BLK BOX Fitness is actually looking for one ‘Product Tester’ to join its team, albeit temporarily, with said individual receiving a fitness bundle worth over £350 to review, alongside the £300 payment. 

And if you think it's just one of those dumb competitions where it's all up to luck to win, think again. As part of its ‘Anyone Can’ campaign, BLK BOX is looking for a Product Tester “who has used exercise to overcome a challenging time in their life” and to prove this is you, all you have to do is submit a 500-word essay describing an “experience in your life which exercise helped you to overcome”, as well as why you should be picked to be the Product Tester.

To wet your appetite, the testing bundle includes a 3-in-1 Soft Pylo Jump Box, a Cast Iron Kettlebell and two Hex Dumbbells at a weight suitable for the winner, with all products needing to be reviewed for three to four weeks. Should you be the successful applicant, you will be expected to start straight away and will be contacted shortly after the competition ends. BLK BOX is not messing about!

BLX BOX Product Tester Competition

(Image credit: BLK BOX)

Catherine McLaughlin, Marketing Manager at BLK BOX, assures that “We’re not just looking for athletes. The competition is open to people of all levels who use exercise to improve their day-to-day lives. Whether a fitness routine has improved your mental health or helped you recover from physical illness, we can’t wait to be inspired by your stories.”

You can't lose anything by entering but you will definitely miss out if you don't. I wish I could enter too but alas, my life is chock full of sunshine and lollipops, not least thanks to fitness so I probably wouldn't qualify. You should give it a go, though.

How to apply for the Product Tester competition at BLK BOX?

Applicants can submit their entries here. You have 24 hours to apply, competition ends 30 June 2021.

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