Black Friday kicks off early on eBay with the ULTIMATE Xbox One S deal

Get a console bundle and Gears of War 5 for 20% off

Xbox One S Gears 5 bundle
(Image credit: eBay)

eBay has joined the ranks of retailers rolling out their Black Friday deals early, offering 20% off selected brands on its site, including this Xbox One S 1TB console that comes bundled with Gears of War 5. The promotional code is good for just one week, and can only be redeemed once, and we think you should use it to snap up this amazing deal while you can.

The bundle's usual price is £219.99 on the website, but if you use promo code PRIZE20 at checkout, you'll get a cool £44 slashed off total, making the bundle a bargainous £175. This discount is so good, we think it's worth grabbing it while you can, as it'll surely rival any other Black Friday deals in the coming weeks.

You can check out the finer details below:

Xbox One S | Gears of War 5 | RRP: £219.99 | Deal Price: £175.99 | Save: £44
This bundle offers insanely good value for money, throwing together a brand new 1TB Xbox One S, and a digital download of platform exclusive title Gears of War 5. If you're a newcomer to the series, then you're in luck, as the bundle also includes digital downloads of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, along with Gears of War 2, 3, and 4.View Deal

The price of this bundle really is a steal, especially considering the fact it includes the entirety of one of Microsoft's first party IPs that's been going strong for over a decade. The discount is as good as anything you'll find this Black Friday, so if you're going to use your promotional code on anything, it should be this. 

The terms of the deal state that you'll be promoted to enter the code at checkout, and with a total available discount of £75 to be had, you might even be able to pop a few more purchases in your basket to make the most of it. The deal ends at midnight on Thursday, November 21.