Black Friday binocular deals 2021: Canon 18x50 binoculars will let you see the stars but aren't a cash black hole

Canon 18x50 IS All Weather Binoculars come with incredible image stabilisation and are rain proof

Canon 18x50 IS All Weather binoculars with Black Friday deals flag overlaid
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The best UK binoculars deal I've seen this Cyber weekTM is on these Canon 18x50 IS AW binoculars at Currys. Designed for star-gazing, their price is normally astronomical but this star deal cuts the price by a big £100. You won't find a better planet-watching deal between here and Uranus. 

When it comes to stargazing, these are some of the best binoculars you can buy. They're compact and light enough to take out with you on a night walk, without having to faff around with a tripod – nice and versatile, and perfect for casual stargazing. The rubberised coating aids grip, while waterproofing is key if there's a chance you might get caught out in a shower. 

• Get £100 off the Canon 18x50 IS AW binoculars at Currys

The star of the show here is the vari-angle prism image stabilisation system.  At the touch a button, the gyro motion sensors will detect the amount of shake and automatically work to cancel it out. The results are impressive, delivering reliably clear images – and these binos are especially good at capturing incredible close ups of the moon. The incredible IS system is part of the reason why, at full, price, these stargazing binoculars are pretty expensive. And why this Black Friday deal is still worth snapping up.

If you're here from the US, your best bet is to head to B&H Photo Video or scroll down and take a look at the US stargazing binocular deals below.

Canon 18x50 IS AW binoculars:  was £1,379, now £1,279 at Currys

Canon 18x50 IS AW binoculars: was £1,379, now £1,279 at Currys
Head to Currys and get £100 off these incredible stargazing binoculars with a handy discount. They use Canon's powerful image stabilising technology to deliver a steady image even at that 18x magnification.

Best UK stargazing binocular deals

Celestron 71018 SkyMaster 20x80 Binocular:  was £159.99, now £120 at Amazon (save £39)

Celestron 71018 SkyMaster 20x80 Binocular: was £159.99, now £120 at Amazon (save £39)
These supersized Celestron binos back some serious firepower when it comes to stargazing or nature spotting. You'll need to pack a tripod, but behind that heavy build, the huge light-gathering lens, impressive magnification and anti fog design is worth the extra weight.

Celestron 71198 Cometron 7x50 Porro Prism Binoculars:  was £49.99, now £35 at Amazon (save £14)

Celestron 71198 Cometron 7x50 Porro Prism Binoculars: was £49.99, now £35 at Amazon (save £14)
If you're on a tight budget, these Porro Prism Celestron binoculars would be a good choice for getting started with astronomy. They come extremely well reviewed. A wide field of view combines with a large light gathering objective lens to make these great for exploring the skies.

Black Friday binocular deals in the US

In the US? We've scoured the web and these binoculars are much more difficult to find stateside. If you've got your heart set on this pair, the cheapest we've seen them is at B&H (details below), but they're not on offer.

Canon 18x50 IS image-stabilized binoculars:  $1,499 at B&H Photo Video

Canon 18x50 IS image-stabilized binoculars: $1,499 at B&H Photo Video
It's not on a deal, but if you want these excellent image-stabilized Canon stargazing binoculars in the US, the best place to go is B&H Photo Video. You get a free $19.99 binocular harness thrown in for free.

Canon 18x50 IS image-stabilized binoculars:  $1,499 at Adorama

Canon 18x50 IS image-stabilized binoculars: $1,499 at Adorama
These stabilized binoculars are also available at Adorama right now (if B&H are out of stock). 

If you're not sure if binoculars are right for you, head to our binoculars vs telescopes for stargazing explainer (if you decide on the latter, this Celestron Astromaster telescope deal or SkyWatcher Explorer 130 EQ2 deal). See how they compare to another excellent pair of stargazing binos in our Celestron SkyMaster 25x100 vs Canon 18x50 IS AW face-off. Not sold on the Canons? There are some more good Black Friday binocular deals worth checking out too...

Canon 14x32 IS binoculars:  was $1299, now $1099 at Amazon

Canon 14x32 IS binoculars: was $1299, now $1099 at Amazon
Save $200 (15%) on these image-stabilized binoculars. Featuring 10x magnification and a 6.6ft minimum focus.

Canon 12x32 IS Binoculars:  was $1199, now $999 at Amazon

Canon 12x32 IS Binoculars: was $1199, now $999 at Amazon
Save $200 (17%) on these 12x magnification binoculars. Features lens-shift stabilization and a 6.6ft min focus.

Celestron Cometron 7x50 binoculars:  was $34.95, now $29.49 at Amazon (save $5)

Celestron Cometron 7x50 binoculars: was $34.95, now $29.49 at Amazon (save $5)
Aimed at beginners, these bargain stargazing binoculars are on sale in the Amazon Black Friday sales. While they don't have the features of the pricer options, for the price you can't go wrong, really. A wide field of view lets you observe large portions of the sky at once.

Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 binoculars:  was $99.95, now $89.95 at Amazon (save $10)

Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 binoculars: was $99.95, now $89.95 at Amazon (save $10)
Okay, so $10 off isn't going to rock your world, but it's still a decent price on these excellent stargazing binoculars from Celestron. Multi-coated optics deliver a crisp, clear image, while the 70mm objective lens gives to bright images in low light.

Best binocular deals worldwide

Alternatively, check out the best prices on some of our favourite binoculars, at a range of price points and for different uses, in the widget below.

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