Black Friday telescope deal: this award-winning, beginner-friendly telescope just got a major price drop

We spy an excellent Black Friday deal on the SkyWatcher Explorer 130 EQ2, loved by beginners and dedicated stargazers alike

SkyWatcher Explore 130M (EQ2) telescope with Black Friday deal tag
(Image credit: SkyWatcher / Future)

The Black Friday deals are hotting up, and we've spied two excellent telescope deals at Wex Photo Video. Last year's Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day didn't yield much by way of good price drops on telescopes, so we were pleased to see this offer on one of the very best telescopes around. Head to Wex Photo video for £36 off the award-winning Sky-Watcher Explorer-130 EQ2 telescope, or £20 off the version with motorised mount.

The SkyWatcher EXPLORER 130 (EQ2) is a Newtonian Reflector telescope (not sure what that is? Consult our telescope types explainer), and it's suitable for both keen beginners to stargazing and more seasoned astronomers. It can be used for viewing the Moon and planets or venturing into deep space. A £36 price drop puts it amongst the best Black Friday deals we've spotted, but there's also a decent discount on the Sky-Watcher EXPLORER-130M, which is an identical telescope, but with a motorised mount to automatically track objects. 

SkyWatcher Explorer 130 EQ2 telescope: was £225, now £189 at Wex Photo Video (save £36)

SkyWatcher Explorer 130 EQ2 telescope: was £225, now £189 at Wex Photo Video (save £36)
Designed for beginner stargazers who are serious about getting into the hobby, the Ѕkу-Wаtсhеr Ехрlоrеr-130 ЕQ2 will let you explore the deep-sky, Moon and Planets, or a combination of both. It cоmеѕ wіth а ѕtаblе, аlumіnіum trіроd, and a ѕоlіd ЕQ2 еquаtоrіаl mоunt with ѕlоw mоtіоn соntrоlѕ to enable you to smoothly and easily guide it around the night sky.

SkyWatcher Explorer 130M (EQ2) Motorised Newtonian Reflector Telescope: was £279, now £259 at Wex Photo Video (save £20)

SkyWatcher Explorer 130M (EQ2) Motorised Newtonian Reflector Telescope: was £279, now £259 at Wex Photo Video (save £20)
This Ѕkу-Wаtсhеr Ехрlоrеr 130М is the same telescope as the above, but comes with a motorised mount, operated by handset, to enable you to automatically track night sky objects. There's a not-bad £20 off at Wex ahead of Black Friday.

The Sky-Watcher Explorer 130 EQ2, which is the telescope that comes in both these versions, is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience (if you're looking for some more options for newbies to stargazing, check out our best telescope for beginners guide). It boasts a useful 130mm of light gathering aperture, and an EQ2 equatorial mount with slow motion cables to give you full control and smoothly track objects as they move across the sky.

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