BioLite brightens the camping season with the new AlpenGlow Mini Lantern

BioLite's tiny camping lantern adds a touch of fun and functionality to outdoor adventures

BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Lantern in use in a camping setting
(Image credit: BioLite)

As campers emerge from winter hibernation, early birds can now make the most of their time spent in tents with BioLite's latest addition to its AlpenGlow range, designed to light up every adventure with style and convenience.

The AlpenGlow Mini joins BioLite's family of rechargeable camping lanterns. This compact and cheerful illuminator is poised to become the must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts, offering portable lighting solutions for camping trips, late-night strolls, and backyard hangouts.

Bright and easy to use, the AlpenGlow Mini is the perfect companion for campers seeking compact and colourful illumination. Equipped with ChromaReal LEDs and multicolour modes, this pint-sized light brings fun to any outdoor setting.

You can affix it to poles, branches, or tent loops with the integrated bungee strap and enjoy six hours of light at full brightness.

Also available in the range is the compact yet powerful AlpenGlow 250, which offers ambient and task-based lighting in a portable package. Shake it to activate smart tech features and enjoy up to 4.5 hours of illumination on full power.

Finally, the largest AlpenGlow 500 delivers a natural glow that accurately renders colours in the environment. Shake the lantern to unlock additional features like candle flicker or a mesmerising rotation of colours. With a USB output to charge devices, this lantern ensures up to 4.5 hours of illumination at full power.

The AlpenGlow Mini Lantern is available to buy now directly from BioLite and Amazon UK/ Amazon US for a recommended retail price of £39.99/ $39.95 (approx. AU$61). The AlpenGlow Lantern 250 sells for £69.99, while the suggested retail price of the 500 AlpenGlow Lantern is £89.99.

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