Best iPhone 12 deals and iPhone 12 Pro deals: get the best prices on all new iPhone models

Find the best deals on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max – all in one place

iPhone 12 deals
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The iPhone 12 is now available to order on full range of new iPhones and, right here, T3 has rounded up the very best SIM free and with SIM iPhone pre-order deals available today in the UK.

We've got pricing and model information, too, so if you're still unsure about which of the four new iPhone 12s you're going to pick up (iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max) then you're well covered.

We've got the best iPhone 12 deals from UK networks, too, as well as from respected third-party retailers. Simply use the nearby menu to jump straight to the type of iPhone 12 you want, or scroll down to view the entire offering.

If you just want to order directly through Apple, then you can just head on over to the official Apple Store.

Best iPhone 12 deals

iPhone 12 models and SIM-free costs

iPhone 12 pricing has now been confirmed and is as follows. The cheapest device is the iPhone 12 Mini, which sets you back £699 for the 64GB model. For those who like a compact phone size (5.4-inch display) this is the obvious phone to choose. Cheapest but still loaded with all the top internal tech and features.

If you want a more regular sized screen, though, then you'll want the standard iPhone 12, which has a 6.1-inch screen and costs £799 for the 64GB model. You get all the top hardware still, but a larger screen.

One more step up and you get the iPhone 12 Pro, which delivers the same size screen but an upgraded camera system. This phone starts at £999.

Finally, there is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the super-sized variant of the new iPhone 12 Pro and delivers a large 6.7-inch display and an even superior camera system. This costs from £1,099 sim free.

iPhone 12 deals: UK networks

If you're going to pick up a new iPhone 12 phone then you should make sure that you do it through one of the UK's best mobile networks. The networks that follow all have iPhone 12 offers live and each has built a reputation for supplying quality hardware and, when buying on contract, excellent SIM plans and network coverage. Remember that each new iPhone 12 is 5G compatible, so you'll want to be with a top network in terms of coverage and allowances.

EE iPhone 12 deals
EE, the UK's fastest mobile network, is offering the full range of iPhone 12 handsets as well as its Full Works SIM plan, which delivers unlimited data, Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade for 24 months.View Deal

Three iPhone 12 deals
Three has a wide-range of iPhone 12 pre-order offers available and stocks every device in the range. SIM free and on-contract offers are available.View Deal

O2 iPhone 12 deals
You can pre-order the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro at O2 right now. For example, there is an iPhone 12 Pro deal that puts the phone in your hand for just £69.99 up front.View Deal

Vodafone iPhone 12 deals
Vodafone also has the iPhone 12 up for pre-order, with the iPhone 12 Pro the device of choice. Vodafone offer a load of great SIM plans, too, including some with unlimited 5G data.View Deal

iPhone 12 deals: UK retailers

The following mobile phone retailers here not only are selling iPhone 12, but with deals approved by T3 itself. We spend each and every week of the year covering mobile phones and hunting out the best deals on them at retailers. These stores have won T3 over with their cheap prices and excellent customer service. As such, you should feel completely comfortable ringing up one their iPhone 12 deals.

Carphone Warehouse iPhone 12 deals
Carphone Warehouse are offering an iPhone 12 for £399 a month with 20GB of data. The up-front cost is only £49.99, too, and you get a choice of colourways.View Deal iPhone 12 deals have a number of quality iPhone 12 pre-order deals on offer, too, including one that delivers the phone for just £99 upfront and with a monthly cost of only £39.99. You get 20GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts.View Deal

iD Mobile iPhone 12 deals
iD Mobile is offering the iPhone 12 for just £99.99 upfront along with a SIM contract that delivers 20GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts for £39.99 a month. Every storage version of the phone is available up to the 256GB model.View Deal

Affordable Mobiles iPhone 12 deals
Now this is a great deal from Affordable Mobiles. You get the iPhone 12 for FREE upfront and then the monthly cost is £49. You get 100GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts, as well as a choice of colourways.View Deal

MobilePhonesDirect iPhone 12 deals
Mobile Phones Direct are's phone outlet, and they offer a variety of quality with SIM packages. iPhone 12 pre-orders are now open, so head on over and scope out its offering.View Deal

Should you buy an Apple iPhone 12?

Apple's new range of handsets have some great developments over previous models, making them tempting for everyone – even those who bought an iPhone 11 last year. First and foremost is that the entire iPhone 12 range is Apple's first suite of handsets where 5G connectivity comes as standard, meaning that you can tap into the next-gen of super fast mobile networks using them.

Every iPhone 12 model also comes loaded with Apple's brand new A14 Bionic chip, which is simply the fastest phone processor on the planet, and makes the phones not only future-proof and really slick to use, but also provides the juice for all of Apple's advanced camera and video magic.

All iPhone 12 models also have the new 'MagSafe' connection system on the back, which improves wireless charging by locking the charger into place on the phone, but is also great for connecting accessories.

All models also now have OLED displays, and hit brighter HDR peaks than ever before. Previously, the iPhone 11 had an LCD screen while the iPhone 11 Pro went OLED – well, now they all hit OLED, and have higher-resolution displays than Apple has ever offered before.

The iPhone 12 range includes four different models, with three different sizes of screens: from the compact iPhone 12 Mini with a 5.4-inch display, through to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch screen each, and onto the iPhone 12 Pro Max with its huge 6.7-inch screen.

The two iPhone 12 models have dual rear cameras, while the iPhone 12 Pro has triple rear cameras, as well as LIDAR 3D scanning tech, which helps to make autofocus instant even in really low light. Improved camera performance also means richer pictures even in darker conditions.

All iPhone 12 models can take (and edit) video in Dolby Vision HDR at 4K, which is a first for any device – it makes what you record incredibly lifelike.

We think there is a new iPhone 12 for everyone, and especially so if you are already in the Apple iPhone ecosystem.

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