Back to school deals: Save £80 on Apple's HomePod, the perfect housewarming gift

Going back to school, college, or uni? Make sure you have the best smart home tech around, starting with HomePod

Apple HomePod deals Very back to school
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We know, we know: going back to school, college, or university isn't that much fun, especially with all the weirdness going on in the world right now, but that doesn't mean you can't spice things up a little. Case in point: is offering a whopping £80 off Apple's premium HomePod smart speaker right now.

As we wrote in our HomePod review, the best thing about this smart speaker is how nice it sounds. Apple has clearly focused on squeezing out every possible last ounce of vibrancy from the internal speakers and they've done a great job. If you currently use Apple devices, the experience with HomePod is super slick, driven by Siri with AirPlay compatibility for linking multiple HomePods.

Elsewhere, the physical build quality of the HomePod is exceptional; it looks great and feels incredibly sturdy, easily complimenting any setting that it's placed in. HomePod comes in two colours – white and space grey – and they both look stunning in our opinion. 

If someone you know is preparing to move into a new place, or if you yourself are planning on moving out, then getting a HomePod is a short-cut to having an exceptionally good and smart speaker around and about. If you use an iPhone, this is basically a no brainer. 

One of the initial criticisms of HomePod was the lack of compatibility with third-party services, but over time Apple has released software updates to remedy this and announced support for other music services at WWDC this year. 

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Apple HomePod (Space Grey) | Intelligent sensors for surroundings | 360° audio | A8 processor | Siri | AirPlay | £199 (usually £279) | Available from (opens in new tab)
Everything you could possibly need from a smart speaker and more: surround sound-style audio, deep compatibility with Apple devices, and a huge price cut. The perfect gift for yourself and other.

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Apple HomePod (White) | Intelligent sensors for surroundings | 360° audio | A8 processor | Siri | AirPlay | £199 (usually £279) | Available from (opens in new tab)
The same as above, but if you prefer a lighter shade or have rooms that would benefit from something a little less dark. We personally think the white HomePod might be the best looking one. 

So, if someone you know (or yourself) needs something to spice up their home setup then look no further than this fantastic deal on Apple's HomePod and save yourself £80. 

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