ASICS launches Novablast 3 running shoes based on 'origami design'

The max-cushioned Novablast 3 uses ASICS' latest FF BLAST PLUS cushioning technology

ASICS launches Novablast 3 running shoes based on origami design
(Image credit: ASICS)

The ASICS Novablast series has been one of the most popular running shoe franchises from the Japanese company because it provides superb bounce and soft cushioning. The latest iteration of the series, the Novablast 3, combined a geometric origami design with the brand’s latest FF BLAST PLUS foam technology to provide an even peppier running experience.

The original ASICS Novablast used the springy FlyteFoam Blast midsole technology and introduced a different running mechanic from what we were used to from ASICS – the shoes definitely put a spring in your step. Better still, they weren't an eyesore either; it was refreshing to see something cooler after the endless iterations of Gel-Nimbuses, Gel-Kayanos and Gel-Cumuluses. Nothing wrong with those shoes, but the Novablast 3 is admittedly a sexier-looking shoe than those.

As mentioned above, the new running shoe’s midsole is equipped with FF BLAST PLUS foam technology. With an extra millimetre added to the heel and forefoot, this new cushioning material is designed to "offer a bouncy running experience, providing a more energized rebound in each step", ASICS explains. Better still, despite the shoes being taller, the new Novablast 3 is actually ~22 grams lighter than its predecessor!

ASICS launches Novablast 3 running shoes based on origami design

(Image credit: ASICS)

To further enhance the shoe’s fit and comfort, ASICS reworked the tongue, which now features what's called a 'Notch Tongue Construction'. ASICS says the notch on the upper allows it to "cradle the foot for an even distribution of potential pressure points and reduced tongue movement." Plus, the shoe’s heel is also reinforced with a more supportive design to help guide the foot with more control through your gait cycle.

The ASICS Novablast 3 is available for men and women directly from ASICS US, ASICS UK and ASICS AU from 1 September 2022 for a recommended retail price of $140/£135.00/AU$230. To find out more about the Novablast 3, please visit ASICS US (opens in new tab), ASICS UK (opens in new tab) or ASICS AU (opens in new tab) today.

Please note: on ASICS' US and AU websites, the Novablast 3 is marked as 'coming soon'. 

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