ASDA has the Xbox Series X in stock today - and you don't need to pay anything upfront

Get your Xbox Series X on Xbox All Access for interest-free payments and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate too

Xbox All Access
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Good news! Now that the Christmas rush is over, your chances of actually finding the Xbox Series X in stock in the UK are roughly eleventy billion times higher: UK Xbox stock isn't selling out in seconds and getting your hands on an Xbox Series X isn't an impossible dream.

Our Xbox restock tracker has all the latest deals, but this one really stood out to me: ASDA has the Xbox Series X on Xbox All Access today. Instead of paying up-front you buy the console like a mobile phone, with interest free monthly payments.

This is how I wanted to buy my own Xbox, but All Access was never in stock when I tried. Hopefully you'll be luckier than I was.

A great way to buy your Xbox Series X

The deal here is really straightforward. Sign up for Xbox All Access and you'll pay £28.99 a month for two years, interest-free. That gives you your Xbox Series X as well as two years of Game Pass Ultimate, which I reckon is the gaming bargain of the decade.

As a matter of fact and as much as I love my PS5, the ever-expanding Game Pass catalogue is where I spend most of my gaming hours. I'm writing this just after finishing the campaign in Halo Infinite, one of the many big hitters available on Game Pass on day one of their release.

What I like about this particular offer is that you don't need to buy a bundle of things you might not want: you get an Xbox Series X, you get a Game Pass, you get happy. If you've been trying to track down a Series X but don't want to buy a bundle, this is a great way to buy.

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