Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his exact workout regime for Netflix’s FUBAR

And it's pretty intense.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger has been busy of lately. The 75-year-old has recently taken up the role as a CIA agent in his first TV Netflix series, FUBAR, where he discovers his daughter has also been working for the CIA and, together, they go on a mission to kick some ass. If you haven’t (or have) had a chance to binge the series, Arnie is, of course, in phenomenal shape and the actor has revealed how he packed on extra muscle for the series by sharing his exact workout regime.

This isn’t the only project Arnold’s been working on lately, as he also has a new documentary coming out on the streaming platform in June, Arnold’, which will take a closer look at his life as a professional bodybuilder, actor and politician, but also  his personal life too.

For those thinking they’ll be able to look like Arnie by committing to one workout session a week, think again, as he admits he had a very strict workout regime for this series. In his latest Arnold’s Pump Club newsletter, the retired bodybuilder reveals he worked out not once, not twice, but six times a week to get into shape for FUBAR, with Sunday’s as his rest day. “My strategy was to hit every muscle group at least once during the week and for the muscle groups I wanted additional strength in, I worked them twice a week,” he said.

Back, chest, biceps and core seem to dominate Arnie’s regime (although that doesn't really surprise us).

Here’s exactly the breakdown of his training regime for the film:

  • Monday: Chest + rear delts
  • Tuesday: Back + quads
  • Wednesday: Core + biceps
  • Thursday: Shoulders + Triceps + Chest
  • Friday: Hamstrings + traps + back
  • Saturday: Biceps + core + calves
  • Sunday: Off

Although we haven’t got a complete insight into what exact exercises Arnold did during these workout sessions, he’s given us a good idea of the way he structures his training. If, however, he has left you wanting more, we’ve got a full Arnold Schwarzenegger mass workout plan, which is ideal for gym-goers. Otherwise, the actor has also recently shared his 15 minute full-body dumbbell workout that you can easily do from home. 

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