Arc'teryx Zeta AR Women's waterproof jacket is the ultimate outdoor companion

Waterproof and breathable yet quiet fabric, this is a wonder of women's jackets

Arc'teryx Zeta AR Women's waterproof
(Image credit: Arc'teryx)

Once you get past the price on this jacket you'll realise the Zeta AR is worth every penny as a super capable women's walking jacket that can do it all. From waterproofing and windproofing to breathability and temperature regulation, this is the ultimate outdoor companion.

Clearly, as you can see, this is a stylish jacket despite being super technical - a combination that is rarely achieved. But Arc'teryx has done well here and also offers a selection of colours to suit most tastes. But on to the technical stuff.

Gore Tex, Gore Tex and more Gore Tex - that's what we like to see in a good jacket. This one certainly does not disappoint with sculpted N70p 3L Gore-Tex fabric with Gore C-Knit backer. Thanks to all this you don't need to worry about rain, wind or that noisy ruffling that most jackets make. 

In fact you won't even need to worry about temperature, within reason, as this should keep you at a steady and comfortable level thanks to the right amount of breathability.

Arc'teryx Zeta AR

(Image credit: Arc'teryx)

Good old Arc'teryx has managed to make this jacket super useful yet also very lightweight so it's comfortable to wear, even on long hikes. The cut of that is just right so it can reach to cover you enough and that even applies with a rucksack hip belt in place. 

The arms are articulated so the fit there is just right and can be adjusted in the sleeves so it doesn't get in the way. Under the armpits there are waterproof zip vents to allow for extra breathability if that backpack is really making you sweat.

Arc'teryx Zeta AR

(Image credit: Arc'teryx)

If the weather really closes in you won't need to worry as the hood is made for a low cover with full protection which cinches for the best fit using a single adjuster - ideal if the winds pick up. 

Inside is a laminated pocket that will keep your smartphone or wallet safe and dry. Or use the hand pockets for even more storage for those quick to access items.

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