Apple's latest show sees Eva Longoria return on form – and fans are thrilled

Another star is returning to TV screens

Land of Women
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If we didn't know any better, we'd think there was some sort of industry-wide agreement to bring a whole heap of nostalgic screen stars back to streaming platforms this year.

Fresh from Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez making bows for Netflix in Trigger Warning and Atlas respectively, Apple has just shown off one of its own upcoming new shows – Land of Women, starring the not-often-seen Eva Longoria. 

Land of Women — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube Land of Women — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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Unlike either of those two action movies, this looks like a much more light-hearted affair, and it's also a series, arriving on Apple's streaming service on 26 June. After a run of quite heavy, serious and mature shows, it's nice to see Apple bringing out something a bit more chilled. 

After all, with the likes of Ted Lasso and The Afterparty, Apple has made strides in trying to stand out as the best streaming service for fans of light entertainment as well as prestige drama. 

Land of Women, based on Sandra Barneda’s best-selling novel La Tierra de las Mujeres, stars Longoria as Gala, a prominent and wealthy New Yorker whose life is turned upside down when her husband is forced to disappear due to unpaid debts. She escapes to Spain with her mother and daughter, looking to start afresh. 

It's pretty clear that it won't take long to get steamy with romantic tension thanks to the presence of at least one gorgeous farmer who draws her eye, but fans seem thrilled just to see Longoria back at all. 

It's been ages since she anchored a show, and that's led to plenty of hype in the comments under the YouTube upload of the trailer, with one person writing: "Every time I see Eva it makes me really miss Desperate Housewives". That was, after all, her biggest hit. 

Another viewer agreed wholeheartedly, opining: "Hopefully this will be a show that will actually pop for her as she is a great comedic actress and I do not feel she has done anything hit-wise in terms of shows since Desperate Housewives where she is the lead, so hopefully this will be that thing."

It's hard to argue with that optimism, and Apple will obviously be hoping for a similar outcome when the show arrives later this month.

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