Apple TV+ spy thriller with 97% Rotten Tomatoes score returns in December

One of the most-loved Apple Originals is coming back for a third season

Slow Horses on Apple TV+
(Image credit: Apple)

The new season of Apple TV+ smash hit Slow Horses will be available from 1 December 2023.

Two episodes of season 3 will be available on day one. The rest of the six episodes will then be released each Friday until 29 December.

The show is based on the hugely successful Slough House novels by Mick Herron and the third season is directly based on his book, Real Tigers. It sees Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman) return with his misfit MI5 agents, lead by the superb Jack Lowden as young spy River Cartwright.

Slow Horses on Apple TV+

(Image credit: Apple)

Adapted for the small screen by Will Smith (not that one), Slow Horses has been nominated for numerous awards, including Best Lead Actor and Supporting Actor nods for Oldman and Lowden at the prestigious BAFTA Television Awards in the UK.

It is also rated at an astonishing 97% by critics on Rotten Tomatoes, 93% by the audience. That puts it right up there among the best shows that Apple TV+ has to offer,

The show has also been commissioned once more by Apple for a fourth season, which we assume will follow in 2024.

How much does Apple TV+ cost?

Apple TV+ has rapidly risen to be one of the best streaming services since its launch in 2019. It might not have a massive library of content in comparison with some others, but it does have a great record of banging out hit after hit.

As well as Slow Horses, it is the home of Ted Lasso and the Idris Elba thriller, Hijack. It will also premier Monarch: Legacy of Monsters soon – a TV series based on the recent Godzilla and Kong movies.

An Apple TV+ subscription costs £6.99 / $6.99 per month. However, you can also get it bundled with several of Apple's other services, including Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+ storage. An Apple One subscription, as it is called, costs from £16.95 / $16.95 per month.

There are also a great selection of free trial offers knocking around, so it's worth having a scan to see if you are eligible.

For example, if you take a month's free Apple TV+ at the start of December you will be able to watch the entirety of Slow Horses Season 3. And, if you haven't yet seen the previous two seasons, you have more than enough time to binge through those first too.

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