Will there be a Ted Lasso season 4? The latest on the Apple TV+ show

Rumours suggest the show could return without a key character

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Ted Lasso ended when the credits rolled at the end of season 3 episode 12, right?

Ever since the conclusion (and, to be honest, sometime beforehand too) rumours have whizzed around about the future of the show. Considering star Jason Sudeikis has often stated that season 3 would wrap up the storyline, some have questioned whether that's the actual end or whether it will (or even should) continue.

But, in recent times, some of the stars have chipped in their thoughts on a possible season 4 too - giving us hope that there are plans for plenty of additional episodes.

So, we look at some of those rumours and quotes to give you an idea on whether one of the best shows on any of the streaming services will return to Apple TV+.

Be aware though, if you haven't finished season 3, there are spoilers ahead.

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What happened at the end of Ted Lasso season 3?

If you've got this far you must have seen the ending of Ted Lasso season 3. If not, go watch it on Apple TV+ and come back later.

So Ted has gone home to the US and there's a new manager of AFC Richmond. Nathan Shelley is back at the club, and it hasn't been (fully) sold. Basically, all characters are still around apart from Ted - who is only over the pond - and that means there are plenty of opportunities for future stories concerning the team, the new management, or even just focusing on one or two individuals.

That leads us nicely on the main rumours about a possible next season.

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What's the latest on Ted Lasso season 4?

The latest rumour about a fourth season of Ted Lasso comes from a quote by Phil Dunster, who plays star striker Jamie Tartt.

Speaking at a Four Your Consideration Emmys event in the States, he suggested that he'd be happy to return, but it's up to Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt (coach Beard) and fellow creators, Joe Kelly and Bill Lawrence, on whether they want to write more: "It’s wonderful that people care. It’s one of those things where if there was to be anything more - which I don’t know, nobody knows if there will be - so long as it’s done with integrity that’s the thing that everybody cares about," he said, as reported by Hollywood Reporter.

"No one wants more for the sake of it, there’s enough TV around. And I know that Jason, Joe, Brendan and Bill, they will only do it if they feel like it’s the right thing."

Hannah Waddington, who plays AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton, echoed the sentiment at the same event, but also teased that there are certainly opportunities for more: "There are any number of variables, so for where we have left them for now, with the possibility of where Keeley’s going, where Rebecca’s going with the Dutchman, where Ted finds himself with Michelle, we leave them.

"They’ve walked through a different door each of them, does that mean that the door is shut behind them? Who knows?"

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So, will there be a Ted Lasso season 4?

Prior to the latest comments by the cast (in June), Jason Sudeikis himself and Brendan Hunt have maintained that the three season arc they original conceived is over.

"This story is done," said Sudeikis told the Fly on the Wall podcast at the end of May. However, he also admitted that the show became bigger than they imagined and recognises that there is an appetite for more: "We only conceived these three, then this thing became this big old thing."

That could lead to stories about other characters: "Yeah, there’s opportunities, I think, for spin-offs.," he added.

Hunt elaborated on that theme in an interview with Digital Spy: "We definitely saw it as a three-part story and this will be the end of that story. Does that mean it's the end of the series? Not necessarily,” he explained.

"But, at the very least after season three, we're going to take a break, get away from each other's pretty faces for a while, of which we are so tired. And then after that, everything's on the table."

So it might take a while to happen, but a Ted Lasso season 4 - or a spin-off, such as AFC Richmond - could well make its way onto Apple TV+ in the future.

For now, we'll just have to "believe".

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