Apple Music users get a great free upgrade to enhance their song choices

The feature should make discovering new music easier than ever before

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When it comes to streaming music, there are two main options used by most people – Spotify and Apple Music. Each has its own merits and pitfalls, but generally which you use comes down to personal preference.

If you're an Apple Music user – great news! You've just got a great free upgrade which should make it easier than ever to find new music that you'll like.

The service has just gained a new feature called Discovery Station. That's designed to serve you with music you might like, inspired by your listening habits. Unlike Spotify's generative approach, it will only play music you haven't listened to before.

That could come from artists you are familiar with, or those who Apple thinks fit in with what you like. What's more, it will never play the same song twice, and will continue to play new tracks until you stop it.

That should make it effortless to unearth new music you'll enjoy. Plus, because because it's based on the music you actively listen to, you'll always have up to date recommendations. The service will morph as your tastes change, adapting to provide you with music suited to your current mood.

That's a brilliant upgrade. I'm a massive music fan, and there really is nothing better than finding something new that you love. But it's tough these days. Music streaming apps tend to serve you with easy wins – stuff you've been listening to recently, or things you've consistently listened to over time.

I constantly find myself getting into ruts where I listen to the same handful of albums for weeks on repeat. Getting out of that can be tough, particularly if you want to find something entirely new. 

That's where services like this can really shine. By introducing users to music which they should enjoy, but have never heard of, they'll have a chance to broaden their horizons and make new discoveries.

If you already subscribe to Apple Music, the feature should already be available. Head to your Listen Now page and check out the Stations For You section within it. If you aren't a subscriber, check out the widget below to find the best price.

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