Apple Music users are getting a sweet free upgrade soon

It should make it easier than ever to find music you love

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If you consider yourself something of a music connoisseur, you'll know that discovering new music can be an arduous task. You know what you love, but finding new stuff that fits that mould can be tricky.

Fortunately, a new Apple Music feature is coming which should make that task a little easier. In iOS 17, the app will include more information about the track you're listening to. 

The Song Credits feature will include information about people who have worked on the track. That includes lyricists, songwriters and producers. You can then select the name of one of the credited people, to find other work they have contributed to.

That's a great upgrade. Most of the time, the people working on tracks behind the scenes aren't named, or are tough to find. Back in the days of physical media, you could peruse the liner notes to find them. That's not been possible since streaming became the consumption method of choice, though.

For users, it should open the door to new artists and albums. I've found albums in the past that I just love, and can't quite put my finger on why. After a bit of research, I've found that the producer is the same as another album I like. With this feature, I'd then be able to find other work they'd done, potentially unearthing some new gems in the process.

It's also a welcome boost for those who work on music behind the scenes. It should bring a little more exposure to the faceless people in the background, allowing them to earn their stripes in a more public-facing way.

The feature is part of the iOS 17 update. That isn't expected to go live until later this year – roughly around the time the iPhone 15 range launches. If you're comfortable using a beta version, you can get access right now for free. Just be aware those can include bugs and software issues, so if your device is a critical part of your workflow, you may be better off waiting for the public version.

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