Apple might be launching a HomePod smart display next year, claims report

New Apple rumours suggest a HomePod with display could be coming in 2024

Apple HomePod with display rumours
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Despite the relaunch of the Apple HomePod earlier this year, the rumour mill is churning with new reports suggesting that Apple could be launching a HomePod with a smart display in 2024.

It wasn’t too long ago that Apple released its all-new second generation of the Apple HomePod in early 2023. Despite discontinuing the original HomePod in 2021 and replacing it with the HomePod Mini, Apple has since brought the Apple HomePod back with a vengeance, making it one of the best smart speakers on the market.

But keen eyes can see that while the Apple HomePod is packed with new smart home and audio features, it’s not equipped with a display, unlike its rivals, the Amazon Echo Show 15 or the Google Nest Hub Max. But if predictions from a long-time Apple analyst are anything to go by, a HomePod equipped with a 7-inch screen could be coming in the next year.

Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo recently posted predictions on Medium and stated the following: “I predict that Apple will unveil a redesigned HomePod featuring a 7-inch panel in 1H24, with Tianma as the exclusive panel supplier.” Kuo goes on to say that the HomePod equipped with a panel “could enable tighter integration with Apple’s other hardware products, marking a significant shift in the company’s smart home strategy.”

While Kuo doesn’t go into too much detail about Apple’s smart home strategy, we’ve already seen big improvements with the current Apple HomePod. In our 5-star Apple HomePod (2nd generation) review, we commented that its smart home functionality has been improved and expanded, and it’s now able to offer a more pivotal role in a smart home environment.

Apple HomePod 2023

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Other than its HomePod, HomePod Mini and Apple TV 4K devices, Apple doesn’t have many smart home products under its belt. But, according to this new rumour and other media outlets, Apple could be planning to expand its smart home line to rival that of Google and Amazon.

A Bloomberg report published in January 2023 claimed that “Apple is working on a slate of devices in the smart home market, including new displays and a faster TV set-top box.” The report goes on to state that the display will start with a tablet-like product that controls smart home devices, like smart thermostats and smart bulbs, while also handling video and FaceTime chats – could this be the HomePod with display? Potentially...

Building off Kuo’s predictions, the HomePod with 7-inch display sounds like it would be able to communicate with Apple products and smart home devices, via Apple HomeKit and Matter connections. While we still don't know if this device will be made or released on the market, we'd expect this HomePod display would be able to make voice and video calls, and maybe even stream Apple TV+ content.

But as of now, we’ll just have to wait and see… and since it’s unlikely to be confirmed or announced until 2024, we better get comfortable!

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