Apple iPhone 4S personal assistant Siri tells stories

Voice commanded personal assistant Siri reluctantly spouts fairytale upon request

The Apple iPhone 4S exclusive voice prompted personal assistant Siri continues to spring surprises with latest reports revealing the system is capable of telling stories, albeit with some reluctance

Siri, the voice activated personal assistant on Apple's latest smartphone offering, the iPhone 4S is capably of telling stories following continued nagging.

Despite being the subject of a series of security flaws Siri has made a number of headlines for its pre-programmed witty answers to a number of anticipated questions. The latest addition to this growing list is the systems ability to tell a story upon continued prompting.

The latest quirky Siri feature reportedly sees the iPhone 4S' party piece try back out of telling a story stating it is “not much of a storyteller” before reeling off a comical fairytale.

“Once upon a time, in a virtual galaxy far far away, there was a young, quite intelligent agent by the name of Siri,” the system's response reads. “One beautiful day, when the air was pink and all the trees were red, her friend Eliza said, “Siri, you're so intelligent, and so helpful – you should go work for Apple as a personal assistant.””

Siri's story ends in true fairytale fashion stating “So she did. And they all live happily ever after.”

Apple iPhone 4S Features

Exclusive to the Apple iPhone 4S, Siri has become the lead talking point of Apple's latest pocket blower with the handset's other notable inclusions inclusion the same ARM dual-core processor found within the Apple iPad 2 and a new, fully optimized 8-megapixel rear-mounted camera with 1080p full HD video recording capabilities.

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Find out how Siri got on as we ask it the answers to the questions you want to now in our video below.

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