T3 Agenda: KitSound's new noise-cancelling in-ear headphones, the Foobot air monitor arrives in the UK and more

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In today's Wednesday edition of the fan favourite T3 Agenda, we cancel out that pesky outside world with KitSound's new noise-cancelling in-ear headphones, tease a few choice details on the next Need for Speed entry and more...

Escape from the outside world with KitSound's new Immerse Active noise-cancelling earphones

Headphone specialist and all-round audio powerhouse KitSound has just pulled the curtain back to reveal its latest in-ear headphones, the noise-cancelling Immerse Active.

These clever little wireless headphones come with a special mic that registers the noise of the area you're in and adjusts your audio experience by creating opposing sound waves. These sound waves effectively block out all that outside hoo-ha, meaning you won't get distracted from your favourite tunes or podcast.

The sports comfort fit keeps them secure, while a whole five hours play time means you can keep moving for longer. When you’re done, there’s no fiddly charging process to contend with - just let the Immerse Active Earphones snap magnetically to the charging unit and you’ll be ready to go again in less than two hours.

The KitSound Immerse Active noise-cancelling in-ear headphones will be available later this year.

Foobot launches its new smart indoor air quality monitor in the UK

Say hello to the Foobot, the latest addition to the ever-growing air monitor corner of the smart home product market. This plucky little device has been designed with over 120 other smart products, enabling it constantly check how safe the air is in your home.

Foobot uses internal sensors to check for pollution in the form of chemicals and other matter, and can identify a whole host of nasties including carbon dioxide buildup, PM2.5s and VOCs as well as keeping you notified of humidity and temperature levels in a given room.

So if you're looking to ensure you and your family are all breathing clean air and not a load of nasty chemicals, then head on over to Foobot's official online store and pick one up today for only £170.

EA teases offline campaign, cop chases and more ahead of Need for Speed's E3 reveal next month

Following the misfire that was Need for Speed in 2015, EA and developer Ghost Games decided to go back to the drawing board (again) and the result will be revealed next month at E3 2017. And to get us all in the mood for more boy racing and cop chases, EA has teased a few juicy details ahead of the big reveal.

So it looks like the series will be offering a solo campaign that can be played entirely offline (rather than the single/multi-player combos see in recent NFS entries) as well as dialing up the level of customisation on offer to the max.

There'll be a lot more cop chases as well, although if Ghost Games simply rehashes what it pulled off with the lukewarm Rivals in 2013 then perhaps that isn't a good thing. Still, with E3 just over a month away (and a release date lightly pencilled in for 2017) we'll soon know how well Ghost Games has thrown the dice.

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