Amazon's offering big discounts on Echo, Ring and Fire TV devices

Amazon's Spring Sale has ended but it's immediately sprung a new bunch of smart home discounts

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Remember Amazon's Spring Sale? I know, I know, the 27th, 28th and 29th of March seem so long ago. So Amazon hopes to cushion the blow by having yet another sales event for its own brands. It's offering multiple deals on its own products including Echo smart speakers, Fire TV 4K, Ring and Blink smart home security kit, Kindles, Fire tablets and mesh networking too.

The discounts are much the same as they were during the Spring Sale, so if you didn't take advantage then you can still save quite a bit of cash. And yet again they're a reminder that it's usually a bad idea to pay the full RRP for any Amazon-owned tech product: chances are that if the day ends in "y", there's a discount on a Kindle, an Echo or a Ring Video Doorbell.

So what can you save this time around?

What discounts can you get on Amazon brands this week?

The biggest discounts right now on media devices are on Fire HD Kids tablets, with 48% off the Fire 7 Kids, 40% off the Fire HD 8 Kids and Fire HD 8 Kids Pro, and 29% off the Fire HD 10 Kids tablet.

If you're looking for Amazon's best smart speakers, there aren't any discounts on the large Echos but you can get 45% off 5th Gen Echo Dots and 38% off the Echo Dot Kids and Echo Dot with clock.

Over in the Kindle aisle there's money off pretty much every Kindle imaginable, including 27% off the 8GB Kindle Paperwhite, 18% off the Kindle 2022, 19% off the Paperwhite Signature Edition and 14% off the Kindle Scribe. That one's quite a big saving, taking the price down from £329.99 to £284.99.

Elsewhere there's up to 36% off the Eero mesh routers, 22% of Fire TV HD sticks, up to 33% off 4K Fire TV devices and up to 39% off Ring security kit. There's also up to 48% off Blink home security bundles and up to 45% off individual components such as the Blink Outdoor Cam.

Amazon hasn't indicated when this particular promotion will end so you might want to check it out sooner rather than later. Then again, if you miss it it's probably just a matter of time before Amazon's bargain bus trundles back round again.

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