Amazon Prime Video's epic sci-fi eyes renewal before first episode even airs

Fallout looks like it's primed for season two – and a new shooting location

Fallout TV show season 1 stills
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Ready for a pleasant surprise, sci-fi fans? Ahead of Amazon Prime Video's new epic Fallout series airing this week, with all episodes available from 11 April, it appears the Bethesda videogame adaptation is already eyeing up season 2 – and a new shooting location too. 

As Variety reports, The California Film Commission has awarded tax credits to a number of shows to incentivise shooting in The Golden State. Fallout's $25m relief will surely lure the production team to the west of the USA, as much of the first season was shot in New York (but also Utah, and far-flung destinations such as Namibia and South Africa). Not that you can tell, as per the trailer below:

There's a lot of hype around Fallout. It's no surprise either: videogame adaptations for the best streaming services are going from strength to strength right now. We've already had the superb The Last of Us captivate audiences the world over. And now Fallout, with writer-director Jonatan Nolan at the helm, is expected to be the next big hit.

However, as I write this, the show hasn't even premiered its first episode. Some have seen it – including my T3 colleague, who has penned his thoughts on the show looking spectacular – and early signs and reviews are strong. There's a buzz around the show, which is why Fallout season 2 seems such an inevitability.

If you're a newcomer to the show and, indeed, the videogame series, then here's the skinny: in a post-apocalyptic future, groups of humans live in 'Vaults' to avoid the radioactive fallout from hundreds of years previous. Cue mutants, bandits, all the usual stuff. 

Fallout stars well-established Walton Goggins as The Ghoul, rising superstar Ella Purnell as Lucy, and Aaron Moten as your new favourite star kitted out with Power Armour. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the minds behind Westworld, are the series creators – so it's in good hands. 

Whether season 2 of Fallout will officially start shooting (and where and when) is still up for question. But California looks a likelihood (New Vegas, anyone?). Until then I'm just excited to dig into season one. After all, the first episode hasn't even aired yet, so let's not get too far ahead of ourselves! 

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