Get Amazon Prime for £59 RIGHT NOW - ends at midnight!

Amazon has reduced the price of a year's subscription for The Grand Tour debut.

Amazon is celebrating the debut of The Grand Tour, by slashing the price for its premium Amazon Prime subscription service.

Before the price drop, it cost £79 per year to sign up to Prime, however thanks to the terrible motoring trio returning, it will cost £59 before midnight tonight. 

This is a sizable saving and means that, if taken up before 23.59 on May 18th, you'll be paying just under £5 per month for the service.

If you're still unaware what Prime delivers, here is the official list of perks:

  • Unlimited One-Day Delivery - Free, one-day shipping on millions of items. 
  • Unlimited Same-Day (Evening Delivery) - Same day delivery to eligible postcodes.
  • No-Rush Delivery - 3-5 business day delivery with a promotional credit.
  • Prime Video - Unlimited streaming on movies and TV episodes, such as The Grand Tour, for no additional cost.
  • Prime Photos - Unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • Prime Music - Access to Amazon's music service, where you can stream, store, manage and play music.
  • Prime Early Access - You get 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals on
  • Kindle Owners' Lending Library - People can borrow one book per month at no additional cost.
  • Kindle First - Early access to download a new book every month at no additional cost from Kindle First picks.
  • Amazon Household - Prime members can share their delivery benefits with other family members.

Buy Amazon Prime now for £59

Want to watch The Grand Tour on your TV? You need one of these...

Fire TV Stick - for non 4K TVs

If you don't have a 4K TV, then the USB sized Amazon Fire Stick could be the gadget for you. 

Like the size, the price tag is small, making it a budget friendly way of catching up on your favourite TV series. And don't be surprised to see prices hacked even more for Black Friday itself. 

Though it is not essential that you have Amazon Prime, you can get a lot more fire from the TV stick if you have an account. Like access to Amazon Prime Videos, a rival to Netflix.

Better still, Alexa can now help you find your favourite shows as the stick has been recently updated using the same voice-activated remote that’s used with the bigger Fire TV. 

Amazon Fire TV - for 4K TVs

The Amazon Fire TV set-top box is compact to the point of invisibility. At 115m-square, 17.5mm deep only the tiny white LED light gives it away. The top box boast some game changing features from, a microphone remote with voice search recognition, accelerated streaming and an App store populated with games, real games! 

Priced at £75 he Amazon Fire is an attractive and affordable alternative to the Apple TV. The interface is intuitive and simple, that even your gran would be comfortable using it. 

On Black Friday (where Amazon is likely to be pushing its fruitful Prime subscription service, tied to the best elements of the Fire TV box), we wouldn’t be surprised to see this get a hefty discount.